Ariel or Aegir

I have both Ariel and Aegir at 3.70 but only 6 telescopes.
My problems with this decision:

  1. Ariel is just awesome, really top healer.
  2. Aegir is a good tank but I don’t think he’s gonna replace Kunchen in this position. He’s also really nice in mono blue stack.
  3. I have tons of paladin emblems and no good paladin except Aegir.
  4. Ariel is a cleric just like Kunchen and I really need my tank to be emblemed thus don’t want to move emblems from Kunchen to Ariel.

I know, 1st world problems. Any thoughts?

Ariel and a 2nd one before Aegir.


Still Ariel. Who are the other 4* paladins that you have?

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In my honest opinion it has to be Ariel 100%

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I only have Sonya and Richard x2

Cyprian is a great epic paladin.

Aegir has to wait 4 the next rings.

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Aegir is good but he isn’t match for Ariel.

Ariel heals 40% hp, 2% less hp than Rigard.
She cleanse all allies as Rigard.
She is as fast as Rigard.
She gives 24% mana generation speed to all allies for 4 turns.

If you ascend her your team will be like a new one


Save your emblems for another hero.

4* I would recommend Falcon.

Still up Ariel

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Since you already has Kunchen as a tank, Ariel is the best option. Both heals but the mana boost of Ariel can be an added advantage in a battle.

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Thanks all for your advices.


Well you said it all in your post!

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