Ariel or aegir all the way?

I now have maxed out


I have ariel @ 3 70. Aegir soon will be. Atm I’m considering ariel as best 5 healer. My ally plays with blue tank. What’s best choice for me?

Both are amazing heroes. Do you have a maxed 5* healer? If yes, I’d lean toward Aegir. If not, Ariel. I do consider Ariel the best healer in the game and I love her special. So, I personally like Ariel better.

I have and realllly like Aegir. That said. I’d trade him for Ariel…

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With the recent buff, I definitely wish I had Aegir. Great hero. Kicked my butt in raids quite a few times :stuck_out_tongue: That said, I do have Ariel and am slowly maxing her now. I’d definitely lean toward Ariel, regardless, but if OP has 3 other maxed 5* healers, then I think the diversity of Aegir has a lot of benefit to them… depends a lot on what his other maxed 5*'s are, I think.

Both to flank Margie… :wink:

Only delilah maxed. Aeron on 2. Vivica on 3 70 Kunchen on 4 50

It has to be Ariel … 100%

I have Ariel +4 and she has transformed every element of my game play. You will never regret maxing her asap. She’s that good

Ariel is Awesome…game changer…saved me in raids many times. Im at “do i max Aegir or second Ariel”?..I kinda know it will be Aegir since he is pretty darn good after buff…but its fun to think of 2 Ariel…which i will eventually have…good luck with your pick

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