Ariel or Aegir to 4/80 and other questions


I have several questions which I can’t solve by myself:

  1. Who do I level to 4/80 first: Ariel or Aegir? I use Aegir (3/70) as my tank on defence team.
  2. I also have Rigard with costume on (emblemed +9). If you advise to level Ariel first, should I reset emblems for Rigard and give them to Ariel since they share cleric?

I would recommend finishing Sonya, Grimm, and Kiril before starting on maxing a 5*, for bench strength. Since you are using Aegir as tank I’d start him first. Rigard is solid as a healer. If you use Ariel who would be your tank?


If aegir is ur preferred tank then do aegir. And when the time comes Imo i would use rigards emblems for ariel.

I guess I would put Marjana as a tank and put Ariel next to her as soon as Marjana got to 4/80

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I would typically agree to max the 4 stars first but since aegir is the tank that he uses he should max him.

It also depends how much of a priority wars are. 4* are needed for that.

I also often stack color, that is why I don’t really think much about teams for wars. But my blue roaster kinda lacks shoters. None but Sonya and Grimm, true. Many healers, haha

Does your present defense hold cups? Are you looking to move up there? These are also factors to consider. If you are comfortable holding, say, platinum, then work on your bench. If you are not or if you are aiming for diamond, then Aegir for better defense. I personally think he is a better tank than Marjana (although she is my usual tank right now until I max Justice).

Grimm with his def down is a solid 4* to have available for stacking. Sonya’s cleanse is also key at times.

I’d level Aegir as tank first. As your bench around him builds, he’ll hold fast past the 2400 mark. Concerning the Cleric emblems - there are few 4*'s as worthy of them as Rigard, particularly with a costume. Consider 1 or 2 less ranks on Ariel and leave Rigard where he is - he’ll shine because of it, and Ariel won’t suffer much.


Well, at the moment I am flactuating between 2000-2300, never got to diamond, but the teams there are really strong. I think I am fine with where I am right now with the cups.

I am leveling Sonya atm since I got the costume. Yes, I am planning on leveling Grimm as well, he is a really good hero to have.

I was just thinking of improving my defense team as I think I got the best composition of heroes I have for it, but usually everyone advises to level Ariel first, but in my situation I am not sure that it is that obvious.

I can stand by that statement on rigards emblems. Costumed rigard is amazing. After I finish ariel I will definitely max his emblems out probably


I’d personally max Ariel over Aegir since my focus is on offence. Aegir is a much better tank, but Ariel really shines on offence.


So true, I use my maxed Ariel on more than half my raids and she certainly helps in opening the chest in diamond. But a maxed Aegir will help to keep diamond in sight.


I get it, but does the equation change considering the fact that I play 4/1 or mono-color on offense?

If you decide to max Ariel, there are very few situations when you should leave her on the bench. She is a 5* average speed healer who cleanses and boosts mana generation.

I see from the screenshots that your only maxed healers are Rigard and Boldtusk, and you have few maxed heroes. I think you should focus on maxing a lot of attacking heroes so maxing a tank should not be a priority right now.

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Aegir is a better tank than Ariel but Ariel can tank in a pinch too. Marjana is a serviceable tank at first too. Tank doesn’t need to be your first priority imo.

Given Ariel is more useful on offense and has higher ATT for titans I’d say she’s the overall better choice.

Maxing 4*'s also helps with a 4/1 stack attack team, and they max much quicker than a 5*.

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Thank you for replies, guess I’ll switch Marjana with Aegir and put Ariel instead of Aegir and level her first.

And guess the emblems are staying on Rigard :smiley:

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@Hellarcher I’d max 2 Ariels before Aegir unless your alliance goes blue tanks for war. Tanks are overrated except for wars.

Middle three of BT+ Marj Rigard+ will be ok. Get Rigard +20

I have Ariel maxed, and I wouldn’t run her on tank. Much better as a left flank.

You don’t want 2 healers on your defence team as well. I think Aegir and Rigard work really well together, and supporting them with Likes of Marjana, Lianna and I guess for you Chao would be formidable.

Chao, Rigard, Aegir, Marjana, Lianna.

If you max Lianna, this defence will hold you in high 2300 for sure, and if you manage to replace Chao with Joon, you would be diamond with 8hours sleep easily.

Tank is really important peice, both war and raid. Moment I maxed Ursena, everything became so much easier.
It’s the center peice you build around.

I’d start with Aeigir with no 2nd thoughts.

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