Kunchen vs ariel

Kunchen flanked by lianna and magni
Ariel flanked by lianna and seshat

For both war and raid defense

The wing heroes are QOH and leonidas

Any help or opinions would he nice?

Kunchen is the better tank of the two, simply because defense down hurts more then mana gain so I’d vote for number 1, even if I am a bit tired of seeing kunchen all over.

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Ariel and almost all pure healers are not advisable as tanks.
I would make an exception for Kunchen for his -def.

Ariel is a left flank hero. (I would not use them together)

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Lianna - QoH - Kunchen - Leonidas - Magni :slight_smile:

QoH in the corner is not good. Faster heroes should be in the corner, if you use slower heroes in your defense.


But corner Magni is a dubious choice


Still better than corner QoH or Leo imo. :slight_smile:

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As others outlined already, Ariel is not a tank material. Her stats are too attack oriented.

She’d be good flank for offense oriented tank. Sadly, neither Kunchen or QOH are offense oriented.

In your case, I would emblem Kunchen, and not use Ariel on defense. She’s amazing offensive healer, but offense is less dependent on emblems than defense.


I have Kunchen and Ariel in my defense team, should I replace Ariel for another hero?
My current team is: Ariel - Lianna - Kunchen - Justice - Marjana
I could replace Ariel for Aegir, Magni or Richard at the moment…

Ariel can actually be a viable tank. The problem is with a healer as a tank u can dump tiles into her till u charge up. She is also excellent on defense. She is better on flank or even wing. Kunchen can also be great on offense as well just his speed isnt optimal but u can use his defense down to wreak havoc. If kunchen is being used as a primary tank then emblem kunchen. If not then ariel can greatly benefit from emblems

I would advise against two slow heroes on one team. However justice will hurt after defense down. But kunchen works best with fast heroes on flank. If u do have Ariel on the wing that’s fine but justice needs to be replaced with another fast hitter.

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