Convince me to not max Elena

Hello guys. Im close to get the sixth ring and have two reds which i know one of them being the best pick but love the other option.
The contenders are Elena and Grazul. Why not making the clever choice that is Grazul? Because im kind of blinded by Elena AOE and high attack.

My maxed reds are

Jean Francois

Why im considering Elena? First of all because emblens. My main BT is heavily emblemed and she wont have a contender for emblems.
On the other hand Grazul has lot of competition between my Hansel, Mist and multiple Rigards.

Another factor is that i think that Elena will contribute to improve my titan score , and in general will pair so well with Falcon wherever i put them together.

Is Grazul good enough at 3/70 to delay her ascension? Her ability is at 8/8 .

Thanks in advance!

Because she is very very weak. On raids she is dead before she can launche her special and with titans 3 hits and dead again.
I have her maxed as my first red 5* and I don’t use her so much.
On attack she is so slow…her AOE is not diferential. The riposte is the unique value.

I have got Grazul recently and I’m very excited for leveling her as soon as I can. Very fast mana, guy!!!

I don’t like Elena at all.

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Thanks Fingol. Do you use her at least against titans due her high attack? Or you have benched her forever

Yes I use her with titans: BK, Elena, Lancelot, Mitsuko or Wilbur + Wu.

Good points…but I need BK or Wilbur always active to mantain Elena and Lancelot alives.

I maxed her and I only using her on titans, without costume she is not worth rings IMO

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What level of titan do you fight ? Im fighting 5-7 stars so survavility shouldnt be a problem

@Lexxtarc you absolutely should max Grazul first. She is a game changer on offense in the current meta and every emblem you put towards her attack stat will make your red tile damage that much better against Telluria. I stack 4 reds on offense in almost every raid these days, and her mana boost is one of her most overlooked benefits.

Elena is great for titans but so is Azlar. They both rock it in red stacks for challenge events too. Ideally, you’d get one of their costumes and the choice would be made for you.


So, maybe in your level of competition you can use a 5* hitter and counterattack and she might not be too slow for the current meta YOU are facing.

Furthermore, you might not need Grazul if you are not fighting the dreaded Gravemaker, Telluria, Vela meta.

If that’s the case, then go ahead, level Elena and have fun with her.

Long term, though, noone can tell you to go Elena over Grazul and sleep calmly at night… Moreover, Grazul is super sturdy. I use her ALL the time in raids without emblems and I have no problem about her. Emblems shouldn’t really affect the decision here.


Maxed elena

It’s a regret


Difficult choice.

I have them both maxed, and I love them.

I’d say if you care about raids, max Grazul, she is the (only) best counter fort GTV.

When Telluria was released Grazul was at 3/70, and already was useful, but as I climbed up to face heavier emblemed Tellurias she died faster, so as soon as I had the rings I gave them to her.

Elena is in my second account, and I use her with Wilbur, BT, Falcon and Aruna.

My success rate against Tellurias is just slightly lower than my first account, but still pretty good IMO.

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Use Scarlett for titan stack.
And Grazul for facing GTV, no need emblem using on offense, she is pretty sturdy. Cleric has many good 4* candidate, for me is for Rigard, 2nd Rigard, Hansel, and later Mist.

I have Elena at 3.70, and whould plan to ascend Elena to switch Scarlett on my titan team, but then Fighter emblem already have many heroes to use. Scarlett+18 is more high attack stat over unemblemed Elena.


I fight 7-8…and I don’t know why…all titan punches go against Elena :triumph:

But in any case, for me titans are not my priority.

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Elena was my second red 5* and I maxed her quite some time ago.
While she is not terrible (still use her in my titan stack), she generally is mediocre at best; usually, she dies before she can have any impact in raids. In titan stack, she only survives because of Wilbur (I am fighting 11* and 12* titans).
Grazul, on the other hand, I would absolutely love to get my hands on. She is sooo good against GTV defenses, which I face all the time.
If I was in your position, I would not think twice and max Grazul straight away.


Thanks for all your comments. My defense team allows me to stay in low diamond so yes i find GTV teams which i tend to skip. However i cant always being skipping those teams . So, When i face telluria i use to going mono red with Falcon , Scarlett , BT, Lancelot and JF giving ice def up some dot and crit boost. The result depends on how many red tiles i can match, its a mono red, ita devasting but it hasnt the survavility or durability that Grazul provides

My initial thought was that Elena could replace Lancelot because she has high attack too. On the other hand Grazul only provides the resistence against aliments, which is not little thing . What pulls me down to max her is her low attack . She would never see play against titans (something i value ) .

But in raids ,maybe, if i max Grazul i could try some 3/2 lines up against GTV instead of going mono red mixing it with purple.

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I have her at +20 and still have no regrets putting maths and emblems in her at all.
Sure newer hero’s outshine her but you have to do with the hero’s you ar dealt…

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Maybe if I get her costume, I’ll end up maxing mine. I got her at 1.1 a week ago from TC20.

But given my choices in red heroes – Mitsuko, Red Hood, Marjana dupes, Azlar, and Khaghan in 5* alone – I think the only red 5* I would not level before her would be Khaghan.

And currently she’s going to wait in line, until I’m done Wilbur2, Scarlett2 and Azlar.

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I maxed her because I had 12 rings and liked her tile damage.

I use her in war but mostly regret spending the time and effort to max her…


Please max Grazul first.
With all of the ailments and debuffs present in today’s meta, Graz is fabulous at evading the GTV triumvirate and is stupendous against anyone that launches an ailment or debuff. Timing is made easier bc of her v fast special.
Elena with no costume is thoroughly average to below average.
Most the time she wont fire bc she is way too squishy for a slow hero.
It’s really not even close in terms of objectivity, but if you like Elena go for it. I know if I had a 2nd Graz I’d max her in a heart beat over top of Elena.


My costumed Elena has 19 emblems and I don’t regret it one bit. She is instrumental in my main red team that I use against any green tank. But if you don’t have the costume then Grazul might be better.

Elena’s attack stat is nice… but you’ll use her on green titans maybe once a week if not less.

Grazul is a war necessity. Twice a week. Every week. Also great in raids.

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