Are the odds of getting a HOTM (Hero of the Month) Different/Same/Better for a 1x or 10x Summons / Single vs. 10 Pull / Individually vs. Ten at Once? [MASTER]

Sorry It was in reference to another post where I suggested (and people agreed) they remove 3* from the Epic/elemental pull in order to increase the probability of dropping 4*/5* . As far as the odds are concerned every time One of us asks they answer that the odds are the same (btw It is not written anywhere that there is a difference), It is Just “cheaper” (costs less gems) to make 10x, doesn’t give you higher chance of better drop. That’s why I don’t get what you Need the odds for? Do you think that knowing the percentage changes anything? I don’t think so and that’s why I don’t care for them to publish useless odds I would rather a more logical solution as the One I suggested.


Nope, we don’t know even this.
We assume that chance for a single pull or a package of 10 single are the same, so being the 10x cheaper your reasoning is correct, but in reality (again) we can’t know for sure.

Someone who can do a 10x pull probably can be “milked” more, so the game can be designed to have less chance for a 10x and more for a single.

Again, i don’t saying IT IS like this, but IT CAN BE.

Hi, I already heard that the developers do not divulge the odds of getting heroes.

I don’t think you guys are understanding my question. Is there a chance for the HOTM with each individual draw of the 10x(possible of getting multiple HOTM). So say the chance of HOTM was 5% if I do the 10x draw is there only a 5% chance on the whole draw…as compared to 5% for each individual draw one at a time.

Yes. I saw 3 hotm from one 10x pull. There is also chance to get bonus draw over bonus draw - one pull + 2 hotm. But those are extremes, I was never this lucky (1 Zel after 90 pulls, no Gravemaker after 40 pulls)

You get 10 chances at a bonus draw with a 10X pull.

I’m sure ‘people’ agreed. Just like they would tend to agree if you suggested improving titan loot or an extra chance at mystic vision. More loot, better rewards, etc are things that people will agree they want. Unless they are SG who is looking out for both overall competitive balance of the game and the long term financial viability of it.

I am firmly against removing 3* heroes from the summons. If you do this, then acquiring the 4* you need is just a matter of spending a small amount of cash. this has 2 big problems. First, it esentially eliminates the long term building of teams which is essentially the entirety of the game and reduces the feeling of accomplishment when you finally get the team you’ve been building towards. Second it completely destroys the ability of F2P players to compete.

Curious, would you be interested if the pulls cost 3000 gems each and 26000 for a 10X pull in order to buy this guarantee? That would be about what it would take to maintain the existing flow of heroes/rate of progress through the game (based on a grossly guessed at 10% rate of 4/5* heroes dropping in these pulls). Or are you just looking for a way to get 10X the benefits at the same price? If the latter, I’m sure you can see the obvious problems this would pose to SG, it’s employees and its investors.

I don’t think you understand my suggestion and your assumpion is wrong. First of all I’m not SG and I let them make their decisions of course, I Just make suggestions because It is in my right, I like this game I spend a lot of time and energy in it and won’t stop playing if they don’t satisfy my requests, I’m not a baby wining for a Toy… Secondly, I don’t care about having the best team or whatever, I’m Just sick and tired of pulling 3* Heroes over and over again and removing them from the legendary/Epic makes a lot of sense to me… not because of any personal profit actually, only because It is getting Boring and I don’t even try It anymore. And I repeat I’m a super active, level 30 player and have ZERO 5* and only a bunch of 4*… so don’t tell me about the odds pls. FYI you cannot agree with me…I’m not looking for followers…I said mine you are free to say yours…have a good One m8! :slight_smile:
PS. I’m not answering your questions because they make no sense to me…but I have One for you: what level are you and how many 5* have you pulled?

Sure they don’t! Why should they?

Ok, thank you.That’s all I wanted to know lol. Guess I should’ve phrased it differently


I will assume you are saying you could not understand my questions and not that you take offense and choose not to answer them. So in the spirit of giving benefit of the doubt I will answer yours:

I am level 43 and I have pulled 4 5* heroes from summons. I have 4 other 5* heroes that came from TC20. From TC13, TC20 and summons, I also have all but 2 of the non-event 4* heroes (Gormek and Sonya elude me :frowning: ).

During my 7 months in game, I have only collected enough 4* ascension materials for 5 5* ascensions, one in each color. I have completed 3 of these and am waiting on 5* heroes in the remaining colors that are worth the items. Being able to pull larger numbers of 4/5* heroes really doesn’t help me much - unless my next wish is for faster collection of 4* ascension items.

I agree you have every right to make a suggestion. I’m just trying to point out that while they may be attractive suggestions to users, they are not realistic ones as they don’t fit with SG’s game design nor its business model. For my part, I find I get less frustrated with the slow progression of the game when I put myself in SG’s shoes and also when I think about what is globally best for the game and not for myself or individual players. I hoped that perspective would help. For some maybe it does. For you perhaps it does not. Or perhaps I didn’t express myself clearly enough. Or perhaps I’m not as smart as I think I am - wouldn’t be the first time.

One last thought. There really aren’t that many 4* heroes in this game. A few 10X pulls that guaranteed 4*+ heroes every pull would give you most or all of them with a number of duplicates. What’s next? You are faced with the same problem you have now except now you are bored with 4*. This is in fact the exact situation I am in. 4* heroes (with the exception of the odd event hero) are boring for me to get because I have them all. I’m only interested in 5* now. This may be helpful or not. Feel free to appreciate, criticize or ignore :slight_smile:

Well I actually didn’t understand what you wanted to know (what was It btw?) I took no offence, but It seemed to me you were assuming that my suggestion was selfish and not in perspective, which is not true. Because I am not asking for somethibg to boost me in the game, on the contrary as I am One of the many and not the only One Who is stuck on 3* Heroes. I asked you about your level and Heroes because considering what you said I had the impression that you have all of them (or almost) and don’t even imagine how hard and frustrating It is to be my level and don’t even have 5 basic 4* Heroes to make a team and actually you confirmed my assumpion was right… I don’t care about collecting them all, this is not Pokémon as someone said :slight_smile: I Just Hope that by reducing the Number of 3* It would be possible to get what I Need (not greed) because by far It has been impossible, so the odds (whatever they are) are not fair as they don’t work for everyone but Just for a few lucky ones! You said It yourself 4* are far fewer so balancing the numbers seems sensate to me. But still you are free to disagree :slight_smile:

As noted above, as far as we can tell, each summons (epic, elemental or event) has the same odds of pulling the HotM. I’m guessing the odds are about 2%, but I haven’t kept rigorous data.

IF you are summoning only to get the HotM, then you should do 1x pulls. That way you can stop as soon as you pull the HotM. This has an expected savings of 5 pulls, which offsets the higher cost of single summons (unless you have to do a LOT of pulls).

EDIT: we now known that the odds are 1.2% of pulling a HotM.

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Before I got my TC20 - maybe 8 levels and 3 months ago - I had 0 5* and 0 red 4*. For whatever reason I had a handful of green 4* and one of each of the other 3 colors. I was about your level, maybe 1 or 2 behind. I understand the pace and the frustration. I prepared for AW by maxing out 22 3* heroes because that’s all I had. I was proud of my 3* team while lusting after higher heroes.

Do you have TC20 yet? That will be a game changer for you if not. Get 2 running at the same time and at the current estimated odds of 5% for a 5* and 20% for a 4* you will fill your roster in a few months. It’s still slow and still frustrating (75% chance of those same old 3* and it takes 2 days) but overall it’s a winner. Best deal in the game.

For what it’s worth, I have only ever done 2 10X pulls and 3 or 4 solo pulls. One was great as it got me 2 5* heroes (including HOTM). The other got HOTM as well, but no other 5* and only 1 4*. I’ve gotten very lucky with HOTM. Perhaps that has skewed my perspective. But honestly, I think I’ve done as mush grinding as humanly possible and my progress at your point was almost identical. Here’s hoping the next phase of your game will bring the same.

Best of luck. I think if you push through your frustration you will be rewarded, even without increasing the odds of 4* in summons.

My question (if it matters anymore) was based on the fact that eliminating 3* from the summons multiplies the value of those summons by about 10X (very rough estimate). I was just asking if you’d be willing to pay 10X the price for the same summons. Kind of a flip question. I assume you wouldn’t as that would be close to US$300 for a 10 pull with still no guarantees you get what you want. But I was using the question to point out that while you are saying (and I believe you) that you aren’t just looking for a handout, in effect you are asking for a huge bump in the value of what you get for the cost.

Hey @Kerridoc

Agreed. Although I think that it’s a little less than 4 pull savings in terms of spent gems due to the price break. And probably important to point out to readers that the savings is for the total effort, not on a single 10X pull.But the overall point remains valid.

Of course that expected savings only manifests if you actually end up getting the HOTM before you give up :wink: If not, then no savings, only tears and broken phones.

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Ok mate I really see the point now, thank you for your explanation and encouragement, I’m already doing what you were suggesting btw so I Will have what I miss sooner or later. I won’t give up for sure! You better whatch your back when I’ll be your level! Ahahah Just kidding mate! :smile:
Ps. For what is worth, I like SG!! I’m Simply very bad at maths I must admit it…but I’m not selfish at all! :slight_smile:

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In the past 3 months I’ve gotten 10 HOTMs ( 2 Aerons, 6 Alasie and 2 Gravemakers). The majority of the time I got them was with an Epic Hero token. I managed to get two Alasies in one 10x pull. I spend quite a bit of money on the game but Im not entirely certain that has anything to do with it because the month I spent the most was when Zeline was the HOTM and I never got her. All I can say is, if you are going to spend money in an attempt to get the hero of the month, I highly recommend getting the elemental offers that give you the 4 hero tokens. Save them and use them first when you go for the HOTM.

You misunderstood what I said.

I said we KNOW that you get more hero pulls for the same amount of gems if you do 10-pulls than if you do single pulls. You pay 260 gems per hero vs. 300 gems per hero.

I said that I was willing to GUESS that the odds of getting a HotM are a fixed low percentage per hero pulled, so since you get ~15% more heroes for your gems, you should get ~15% more chances for a HotM for your gems.

But you are correct about that–SG hasn’t said (and probably won’t) and so we really don’t know what the odds of pulling a HotM are, or even if they are fixed odds. They could vary between singles and 10-pulls. They could be different whether you use a token or gems. They could vary based on the phase of the moon, or based on my total spending, or based on which day of the month or week it is. I’m still guessing it is fixed odds, but neither of us will know.

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The 3* hero rate per Token pull is flat obnoxious… I had one of my longest term players in my group after fighting off the need to ptp for close to a year now. Figured he would pick up a few solid players for the six rounds of War teams we all need. And he bought the “HOT” 9750 Gem pack …Well after the $100 he spent for the pack. He got exactly: 18, 3* hero’s, and 20, 3* Troops…One of my leaders is ready to Walk away because of that absurdity ! That has to change!

Guys, dont spend please, only like this things will change. I spent a lot, Im not going to spend 1 euro more. I did 46 pulls, 3 HOTM and all the rest 3 stars and a few 4 stars… are we kidding?