Are red tanks the new meta?

None of these red tanks give me trouble. I get a little giddy when I run across them as I have so many high powered def down and element def down blues with some of the best attack power in the game.

I know for a fact that their defenses are not preforming well from those who have tried it.

Who doesn’t have red pulverizing, blue heroes?..

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This has been going on for several weeks or months now. Most favored red tanks in the mid and upper diamond arena are either Black Knight or Garnet. Most favored double nature flankers on the red tanks are Frigg, costumed Kadilen, Francine or Zeline. For me, the most aggravating defense are those tanked by Garnet, flanked by Frigg and costumed Kadilen, and at the wings are Cobalt and Onyx. The 3 ninja heroes may dodge not only the special skills, but the tiles as well, making Garnet tank survive even further to cast her skills, boosting her allies health as well as rendering them immune to status effects. Because of the red tank, only a few dare to bring greens against her and as such, you oftentimes ignore green tiles on the board. This is where Frigg shines because of the ignored green tiles. And when you try to match the green tiles to minimize Frigg’s damage, you tend to fill the mana of other heroes. Fast costumed Kadilen with MCB does her thing and you would hope that she casts her specials first before Frigg, otherwise, Frigg plus costumed Kadilen, it is already game over. Onyx and Cobalt at wings are just chilling. The sad thing is, I don’t have any of them. The good thing is, they will surely get nerfed, sooner or later.

Well, you’re better off than me. I have none of the heroes posted above.

I believe you meant flanks are blue. Against green tanks, red is the go to element for attacking. If the the green tanks are flanked with blues, all red tiles hitting the blue flanks only deal weak damage. But if the green tank is flanked by reds, all red tiles hitting the red flanks are dealing neutral damage, which is a bit higher than the weak damage dealt mentioned earlier. That was why pre-nerfed Vela was the favorite to flank green tanks back then not only because she only receives weak damage against red tiles from the red stack of the attackers, she also neuters red heroes.

If I am not mistaken, Telly was nerfed only once. Vela was the one who was nerfed twice.

Telluria was nerfed twice.

May 2020 Balance Update - Details & Release Notes

October 2020 Balance Update - Details

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Yeah. Forgot about that.


  • Mana generation for all enemies decreased from -34% for 3 turns to -24% for 2 turns.
  • HP inherited by Minions reduced from 18% to 13%.
  • HP regenerated reduced from 411 over 3 turns to 306 over 2 turns.

  • Direct damage decreased from 130% to 90%. Health regeneration decreased from 306 HP to 274 HP. Inherited HP for the minions reduced from 13% to 9%.

Thanks for reminding me how SG was brutally brutal. LOL


And people said the ninjas are not for defense when they were released…

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That’s what was the assessment from the beta testers and those that have the best insights like @Guvnor and @Razor. I agreed with their assessment based on the 1x, 2x and 3x mechanics of their mana charging.

Garnet (and all the Ninjas) seem to fire when low on health. This is even the case if mana is blocked (eg by Hel) while they are on charge 1 or 2 and haven’t fired previously. Amongst others it means that attacking a charged ninja can be dangerous if you cannot kill the ninja. It also means that a Garnet tank fires early if tile damage had an impact, but might hold the special and continue charging while you are cleaning the board.

As for the OP’s question, I guess it still is a bit too early to tell whether red tanks are the new war meta because attacking teams are not fully optimized yet. This said, two 141k+ war score alliances have moved to red tanks with BK and garnet the preferred options and GM a decent backstop. I personally find Onyx / Frigg / Garnet / Zeline or Odin / Cobalt the most annoying defense right now.

Last not least (re “BK is easy” etc): PVP attacks with your top team only tell part of the story whether a tank is good for wars. For wars, it is often more important how the tank performs against attack teams 4 to 6 (especially if an alliance can field 20+ of the same tank). This was a common fallacy when alliances temporarily moved to purple tanks because Ursena was the best PVP tank only to find out that Guin still ruled in wars. I have a gut feeling (no data) that the same is true for very fast wars. Here everyone thinks Alfrike because she is the best tank in very fast tournaments. But my gut feeling is that green tanks (LotL, Heimdahl) would perform better in wars.


Vela was nerfed thrice, although one wasn’t really a nerf.

^^^This is it…

Top100 player currently try to figure, test, fun re-organize defense setup.
Those thorpy top100 is not because of Red-Tank, but based on their offense.

It is not the same in Telluria 1st release, before nerf… some of members offline 2 days, etc… keep in Top100 Global.

But, to determine new meta tank at this moment, correct it is just based who is more in offense to gain more thropy. But not determine which is best at defense.

I’m interesting for tracking maybe like 1 hours or more offline in Top100 statistic.

это новые меты очень хорошие, обидно что нет таких героев и плохой шанс выпадения (…встреча с такими ребятами будет печальной.

zbutsam? (20 chars for you)

I fought that team (or one extremely similar to it) the other day. Either went 1-2 or 0-3, I forget, but it was brutal!

This. The dodging of the tiles makes me groan (not in a good way) when fighting teams with multi-ninjas. I have Garnet^20 on my roster with Jade still sitting like a virgin on my bench. Since Jade is generally considered to be the only meh 5* ninja I wasn’t even thinking about leveling her. Lately though I’ve been thinking about it more and more as a flank to Garnet on a defense team. Hoping for Onyx or Cobalt in the next tower event.

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Anyone in the top 100 is fair game to hit whether on or offline. Yes, if they’re online they may be climbing still, but since there’s no rational way to check 100 (or more) players after they’re out of the top 100, it’s what we have.

And staying in the top 100 constantly after going offline for awhile is more a fluke than anything else.

If red tanks become a thing, I will not be scared. The force is strong with my blue team.

Same regarding green tanks. Once upon a time it was Telly here, Telly there, everywhere a Telluria. Fortunately my red teams are usually able to quickly get rid of her.

I worry far more about blue and purple tanks. I have some fairly decent green heroes, but overall, they do not hit nearly as hard as my red and blue teams.

And my yellow team… fuggedaboudit. Probably my weakest color right there.

I don’t know if red tanks are the new meta, but what I’m hoping is the new meta has some variety. After months of nothing but green tanks, we’ve had some variation in a couple of the recent wars Although the alliance with blue tanks didn’t fare terribly well :upside_down_face:

There will be no variety.
All you will see will be
Frigg Black Knight Odin or Frigg Garnet Odin.

You will wish to get back Grave Tell Vela back .

That doesn’t work that way.

If I am not mistake, you can revenge a player in the top 100, but you can’t attack them regularly (except for revenging) if they are online.

Correct, but if you’ve gotten into the top 100, you’re leaving a swath of revenges behind you.

Now my usual thing for revenges is just to look at if they’re online or not; but I’m starting to remember to look at the rankings too. Revenged the #1 a few days ago while he was online.

lol. Red will never be a strong tank meta. You need a time machine to make that happen.
It’s too late…
The blue element is stacked with high attack power. Def down. And element def down.

Just look and see how much Blue is stacked to ensure that red can never tank:

These red tanks are failing, for obvious reason. I’m afraid they won’t last much longer. Which is sad. They are so fun to decimate…

You don’t even need a mono stack. 3 decent blue, are plenty to rip up these red tanks. After dispatching the red tank with ease. The flanks and wings are what they are… dangerous!
But… Unprotected…

Maybe 5 years from now, they will flip the constraints to elements and make Blue have strong health and armor and no def down. No element def down. No attack power.

which is a huge contributor to the success of green tanks

And all the new players only have these and the old ancient heroes are extinct. Then maybe, you will get your red meta.