Ascension advice


I have the materials for green four * but don’t really like my hero, Kashhek. Have tried for better several times in Elementals but only got threes. Would you ascend anyway, or wait for a better green?


Wait for Gandalf or Caedmon.


As a caveat, let me clairfy, which ascension are we talking about? Their first? or second?


Thanks,I’ll wait – Second ascension


If its the ascension where you need shields, hold off for a better hero.

If its the one with Tall boots, ascend the hell out of him. All those materials ar farmable on the map.


I have the shields, hence the question


I am on the crossroads. Have materials to fully ascend one green 4*, both Caedmon and Melendor are waiting for it. Who would you choose? I have good healer in Boldtusk and have other healing options.


I would choose Caedmon for sure, but I like offensive dispellers

But it depends on your other heros aswell.
Sometimes a strong secondary healer is better


Definitely Caedmon. Even a 2^ Melendor is useful for late province farming, but Caedmon is very very common in high end raid teams.


Thanks, i will do it.