Are 3*s more relevant now than ever?

When the new update settles, and beta testing rules out the main bugs, this will be released. As well as the 2 new buildings to follow. Be patient plzzz. :slight_smile:

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Good reason though. Chance to go again.

Fair enuf lol, ty for your patience with me @Slickers111 I appreciate it

Sorry. My autocorrect isnt working with my phone tonight. Swipe text with 0 auto correct sucks!

Agreed they deserve the credit tgey are due. Let me rephrase. Pats fans have come to expect to win so thoroughly, that any loss regular season, playoffs, Superbowl, is never the fault of Brady nor belichechk. It’s the refs, or the other team cheated etc etc, plus… soooo many new pats fans including my brother who was a bills fan until 2002/03/04. In football, you cannot imo change teams, halfway thru your life

I didn’t realize you said something wrong lol

Are you in beta by chance?

There are events with stages only for 3* heroes and 2* troops. So it might be useful to keep 1 or 2 rainbow teams.

I will give all my emblems to 4* to make them competitive in diamond against 5*.

Maxen the classes of 5* is the very long term goal, but nearly impossible to reach ever…
So 4* for me will be the way to go…


I only started playing yesterday so lots to learn. If someone could please explain to me what is meant by the * when describing heroes like 1*, or 2*, 3* I am trying to figure out is the * referring to the level, the stars, ascension? This may seem like a stupid question, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out…lol.

A * usually refer to a number of stars a hero has. Ascension and experience are usually refered to as X.YY where X is a level of ascension and YY is a level of experience with the ascension. Like 3.60 means that a hero is in a third ascension and experience level 60. For a 4* hero it is right before a final ascension.


Duh * refers to stars that makes sense now. Thank you.

OP raises a really good point that I hadn’t considered.

When I saw the thread title, I was coming in to dismiss the idea that the new class system was going to make Rare (3*) heroes relevant. They won’t. Even a 3+20 doesn’t compare to a basic 4/70 Epic (4*) hero. I might make an exception for Brienne, who has a truly awesome special.

But it s entirely possible that we’ll see Raid Challenges that limit participation to Rare, Uncommon or Common heroes. While some top players like @Wharflord have a spectacular roster of Rare heroes, many see the poor rewards in the Rare tier of monthly Challenge Events and decided it wasn’t worth the time building up 3*.

If we start seeing Raid Challenges with a 3* cap on heroes, I might have to rethink that decision, especially since staff has revealed that Raid Challenges are going to be a significant source of emblems.



It is the first thing i thought when i saw the new week raid event, and immediately restart working on my 3* heroes even if i have 6 per color.

It is a gamble, but worth to try if it don’t stop you from grow on other things.


Hah, I always have a project. Usually five, one per color. Should I stop Panther, Evelyn, Drake, Mitsuko or Athena#2 to free up feeders for 3*?

They are definitely more relevant then ever, Valen and Gato made me clear all stages of te strength trial. Some 3* are particularly relèvent when their color match the weekness of the ennemy of their challenge. Graymane and Gato are good examples

Graymane is te only blue Sorcerer besides Rumpelstiltskin. And the event for sorcerers are full of red ennemies. For the shadows event, you have many red ennemies and the only 2 blue heroes available are Rumpelstiltskin and Graymane!

Why the h@%# you don’t had upgraded Panther or Evelyn yet!?

You had one job sir!

:blush: Yeah, I’m slow because I work on five heroes at a time. Working on it!

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No, but you should stop using good 3* 1.1 ( Bane, Belith, etc. ) to level them until we know what we need. The raid “No healers” makes me want Bane, Hu Tao and Joon, with their accuracy debuff, available.

Especially with the new skill roll system, 3* heroes are insanely easy to level. So you do not have to level them now. But if you have to wait for Bane from Legendary training, you could be a while.

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