April: Which event should I spend my gems on?

There are quite a lot events in April:

  • Atlantis
  • Springvale
  • Wonderland
  • Costume
  • Vahalla.

I have been hoarding gems for a month now, and I think I spend at least 1 10-time summon. Which is the most valuable event that I should spend my gems on in April?

Thank you. <3


None. Save them for May and the HOTM Clarissa.


All depends of your hero rooster.
As VC2P player I’ll spend my gems for Atlantis x10 and about 3-4 single pulls. Want Tarlak, but will be happy if pull any featured hero.
For springvale I’ll use use only EHT’s which I saved since Christmas event end.
For Wonderland, Valhalla and costume events I’ll use only coins and keys.


Btw, yes, if you want, keep your gems for May Atlantis.


The best event to use gems in April is May XD. If you cant wait for It, I like wonderland heroes quite a lot.


Atlantis - Alasie, Talrak, Mitsuko, Margaret - all decent heroes except Margie, especially Alasie, but I personally plan to skip it. There’s so many blue snipers everyone should have one already, doesn’t have to be the best in the game. Talrak can be skipped - Miki comes back later this year.

Springvale - skip completely, even if you hoarded EHT. Heroes here are terrible, even the new ones. Better wait with tokens till summer and hope for decent fire HotM

Wonderland - chance at rabbit, I plan to limit myself to coins and a 10x pull. It’s a decent event, but it will come back, and beside rabbit it does not bring any top tier heroes.

Costume - option to consider especially if the new costumes make it into the game. But I wouldn’t overdo it, perhaps a 10 pull. It will come back monthly anyways.

Vahalla - this is where I would summon the most if I could. I hope for Alfrike featured, and I wouldn’t want to skip the month completely as I need strong yellow option and Malosi would be welcome to my roster.

But as others said, with Gravemaker coming back in May to Atlantis, that is where I plan to spend most of the gems. It would be sad to skip Malosi, but GM + Clarissa just too strong.


May Costume for gems

Springvale for EHTs

Lots of good costumes coming for a lot of heroes you already have leveled - and costumes level much faster so the likely benefit to your war team is very high.

Springvale has a couple interesting heroes and you may get Malosi.

But focusing the majority of your pulling in May is the smart play.


Where you will summon will depend on what point of the game you are at and what your roster needs are.

  1. Atlantis - Featured will be Tarlak/ Mitsuko/ Alasie/ Margaret. Mitsuko is very important in the current meta, so if you need her then its worth pulling for. Tarlak is good but replaceable if you have Wu/ Ranvir/ Gazelle/ Miki. Alasie is an excellent sniper but there are other equally as good if not better blue snipers e.g Fenrir/ Alice/ Finley so she is not a must have. Margaret is… margaret

  2. Springvale - This is the least important of all the events. There are some great heroes, but they are more suited towards endgame players. Lepus for example is a great blue hero and hits like a truck. He is important for people who do events and who have Frida/ Athena for a 1-2 punch on offense. He is not a must. Similarly some of the new heroes are great for offense and events but not must haves.

  3. Wonderland - Wonderland has 3 great Legendary heroes (Jabby, Alice and Rabbit) which see a lot of play in the current metagame. Alongside that you have 2 v.good (but not essential heroes) The problem is the chances of pulling one of these Legendary heroes is very low (1% total chance for 5 of them… or 0.6% if you are hoping for the 3 great ones). This is compounded by the fact that the 2 Epic heroes being very niche. Shrubbear is also excellent as a 3*.

  4. Costumes - Again this depends on what you are looking for. The key featured costumes are Joon/ Lianna/ Vivica. It is likely that this month’s featured costume won’t be any of these so it depends on how much you need the 3* and 4* costumes.

  5. S3 - Although I do a fair few pulls for s3, this will depend on who the featured hero is. A lot of the S3 heroes like Freya/ Squirrel are made for late game players. Great to get Tyr or Fenrir but if they are not featured, the % chance is going to be low.


Atlantis - Tarlak and Mitsuko will be featured again in due time. Alasie is probably in Atlantis portal for the last time. But you can get Magni from TC20 and with his costume he will be a great alternative, so she is not worth risking getting Margaret. Personally I’ll skip even pulling for coins.

Springvale - Nifty new heroes, especially Lady Woolerton who is obtainable with relatively realistic probability. Killhare looks nice and hits like a truck, and if I’d get her I would ascend JF. But I plan to use only epic tokens, and maybe you too.

Wonderland - I think all Legendary heroes here are okay (Jabby especially), albeit not on Avalon level, so this may be worth it to spend some gens.

Costumes - Doubt new costumes will be added considering we just got v28 and they are in v29. Next featured costumes should be therefore Richard (okay) and Horghall (meh). Use keys you get and don’t bother.

Valhalla - Somebody said Alfrike should be added to portal, which makes likely she’ll be featured, and even though she is very slow, her special looks like you done goofed when she fires it. So this would be another point to spend gems.


Where do you go to find out ahead of time which heroes are going to be featured?

[UPDATE: Solved by @SING, see following comment.]

Same question, how’d you know in advance?

[UPDATE: Solved by @SING, see following comment.]

Just have a look here. People figured out a pattern:



none of them. Atlantis in May or Teltoc in June or Atlantis in July.

For me, I’m content with Seshat, Telluria, and Jean-François in the roster. I’d prefer a better blue than Misandra. Springvale won’t really do that for me. We have Alasie in Atlantis, but I’d prefer a multiple enemy hitter having Seshat as a sniper already. Valhalla has Fenrir, but I’ve already been burned by Valhalla, so not trying for anything more there. For me, it’s Wonderland with a shot at Alice. I think she would be a strong compliment to the three I have being assembled into my primary D. Plus, she’s Rogue Class so there is no competition for emblems.

Another change I would like to make is dropping Neith, who competes with Seshat for emblems. For me, I’m probably trying hard for Drake Fong when he returns to Atlantis in July.

I may try for Costumed Joon or bonus draw Malosi during the Masquerade. Both are snipers, but the single enemy damage is more promising than Neith, and we have a Barbarian and Fighter that wouldn’t compete with emblems, if I landed Alice in Wonderland.

You’d really expect that someone with a handle like Suicide_Bunny would appreciate their particular mix of skill and debuff.


I don’t think Springvale heroes are terrible. Killhare could be nice tank since she does not decrease her own defense, has stats comparable to Ursena with same speed and while her special lacks holy reflect, she hits for massive damage every time. Lady Woolerton is also cool now that her mana regen is down to two rounds only. And Wonderland has Jabberwock, who definitely is top tier, QoH is great tank, and Alice is annoying sniper.

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