Springvale or Atlantis?

I have several gems to spend. I will be happy for Atlantis 5* (I got most Atlantis 3* and 4*). Tarlak is featured this month, and I’ll be happy for a chance having him. I’m also happy for the chance to get Malosi (yellow is my weakest color).

On the other hand, Springvale: I have no rabbits, and there are a couple of more interesting rabbits.

Where would you invest?

last option: wait and spend on Atlantis next month.


I’m saving all my gems for Atlantis Rises in May. Gravemaker will be featured and the May HoTM is a purple GM


The rabbits all have downsides so unless you are going to pair a particular rabbit with one of the very few heroes who can negate his downside I’d think Atlantis is the best option.


Use couple of token and some gems at Springvale to get Lady Woolerton, and save the rest for Atlantis May.


I am leaning ever so slightly toward AR. I have the three old rabbits, but only regularly use Master Lepus. The Squire Rabbit and Jack O’Hare spend a lot of time on the bench. Part of the reason is for the reason @GrootBeard points out, the downside to the Springvale heroes’ special skills.

If you have a deep roster and are looking to enhance your options in specific scenarios (tourneys, for example) then Springvale may be a good option. I have many of the Atlantis heroes that most folks want (I also have Mok-Arr) so I get that the new heroes of Springvale have an appeal. If you are more patient than I am (and it is inconceivable that you are more impatient than I) you might do as @stever540 says and wait for an AR that features a hero you want.

I will evade closest Atlantis like a pest because Margaret should be featured and NO THANK YOU!

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And you know how luck works… :joy::joy::exploding_head:

I’m with @stever540. I’m also saving for May. Clarissa (May HoTM) really does look like a dark clone of Gravemaker, and even slightly better if anything. Malosi does look quite good to my inexperienced eyes, but it’s Clarissa I really want. Or if you don’t have Telluria, she’s also dang good.

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How do you know that?


@OP I wouldn’t pull at springvale if I was a hecta-millionaire. I’d rather try for a 50th Gravemaker instead.

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    March 26


Next Atlantis Rises: March 6: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM [Currently discussing March 6 Cycle] Gameplay Help & Tactics
@Mothra , here is my spreadsheet: [image]
PS: if you scroll up in this thread you will also find this list.

@OP I wouldn’t pull at springvale if I was a hecta-millionaire. I’d rather try for a 50th Gravemaker instead.

Somewhere on these forums, game staff members post information on beta-testing heroes. They’re all subject to change, but we get info on everything ahead of time. Monthly heroes, season 3 before their release, and even new upcoming Springvale heroes have their stats announced and everything.

Here’s Clarissa:

And June’s monthly, if you want him:

If it was Springvale vs next months AR, Atlantis would win by a landslide. Although, 3/4 of the featured AR heroes are great, Gravemaker x2 makes up for it.

I’m crossing my fingers for that 4 star yellow healer, but I wouldn’t be upset with any Spring heroes. That’s where my summons are going this month.

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Atlantis comes every month, Springvale once a year.

If there is any hero in Springvale that would fit our playstyle, I think you should go for it now.

I’m not very fond (or in need) of any of them, but have a few EHTs I will spend there.

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I’m going for GM too in May, saving both gems and Atlantis coins (just about to finish hard mode)

With my purple luck I will most likely get that HOTM, too, but with 2 tabards she will most likely remain in line for a few months.

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Waiting to spend in May, for same reasons as many have said. I already have grave, but Clarissa is a must have, together they will be awesome! Bunnies, lambs and peeps are not my thing, no big pulls until next month.

If you have Jean Francois and fire him before a defensive debuff rabbit, it doesn’t overwrite, so that’s a handy bonus if you don’t like that aspect of the bunnies :rabbit: