Springvale or Atlantis?

I have several gems to spend. I will be happy for Atlantis 5* (I got most Atlantis 3* and 4*). Tarlak is featured this month, and I’ll be happy for a chance having him. I’m also happy for the chance to get Malosi (yellow is my weakest color).

On the other hand, Springvale: I have no rabbits, and there are a couple of more interesting rabbits.

Where would you invest?

last option: wait and spend on Atlantis next month.


I’m saving all my gems for Atlantis Rises in May. Gravemaker will be featured and the May HoTM is a purple GM


The rabbits all have downsides so unless you are going to pair a particular rabbit with one of the very few heroes who can negate his downside I’d think Atlantis is the best option.

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Use couple of token and some gems at Springvale to get Lady Woolerton, and save the rest for Atlantis May.


I am leaning ever so slightly toward AR. I have the three old rabbits, but only regularly use Master Lepus. The Squire Rabbit and Jack O’Hare spend a lot of time on the bench. Part of the reason is for the reason @GrootBeard points out, the downside to the Springvale heroes’ special skills.

If you have a deep roster and are looking to enhance your options in specific scenarios (tourneys, for example) then Springvale may be a good option. I have many of the Atlantis heroes that most folks want (I also have Mok-Arr) so I get that the new heroes of Springvale have an appeal. If you are more patient than I am (and it is inconceivable that you are more impatient than I) you might do as @stever540 says and wait for an AR that features a hero you want.

I will evade closest Atlantis like a pest because Margaret should be featured and NO THANK YOU!

And you know how luck works… :joy::joy::exploding_head:

I’m with @stever540. I’m also saving for May. Clarissa (May HoTM) really does look like a dark clone of Gravemaker, and even slightly better if anything. Malosi does look quite good to my inexperienced eyes, but it’s Clarissa I really want. Or if you don’t have Telluria, she’s also dang good.

How do you know that?


@OP I wouldn’t pull at springvale if I was a hecta-millionaire. I’d rather try for a 50th Gravemaker instead.

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    March 26


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@Mothra , here is my spreadsheet: [image]
PS: if you scroll up in this thread you will also find this list.

@OP I wouldn’t pull at springvale if I was a hecta-millionaire. I’d rather try for a 50th Gravemaker instead.

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