April HoTM Aeron

Would love some reviews and opinions from the beta testers on Aeron. Thanks



They may give their opinion on when he was in beta but we don’t know if they saw the final version. What you’ve got there could very well change before he’s released next week.

Though I am interested in what testers thought on the version they saw there. As I’m missing a 5* purple and could potentially use him.

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Beta is closed
For what i know, he is not changed.

No one really said anything about him, mediocre 5* with weak healing

His effect is really nice though

Too many healing HOTMs id much rather prefer him hitting and removing the healing + elemental link but it’s too late

He belongs in the ‘nice to have’ category - not overpowered, blow you away kind of hero. Useful.

I liked using him. But not more than using my 4/80 Sartana :slight_smile:

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Aeron and Delilah are a very effective defense. He might be useful in some events, but as witch said, a nice to have but all in all a Panther, a Sartana and an Obakan are better

wow Obakan got some love :smile:

Was starting to think he was just another guy on my roster than never gets talked about.

You just made my day!

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Not sure on the Obakan bit, the only thing he has going for him is his attack stat.

Aeron is pretty amazing on raid attack and he’d probably be second purple on just about everything I do and would have a place on the alt… I use Sabina on both accounts very often, but the main has Alby and the alt doesn’t, so that heal over time has more place there.

But like praises for Kiril are undersung for his ability to fix up all sorts of nasty debuffs (Isarnia, Athena, Zeline, Horghall, etc) Aeron when used well you never get hit with the debuffs in the first place.

Like everything else in game it depends on what else you have, but I rate him more highly than most I suspect: not must have, and not even fantastic, but useful which is more than I can say for many heroes.

I don’t see much point for him on raid defense or map but he’s useful for my main on raid attack, AW, and titans… and he goes further on my alt.

The real sticky question is the stated future re-release of Hel: that’s a big unknown as to when and as a result Aeron probably doesn’t get tabards for a while.

Average mana speed makes him just that, average. Being that one of his attributes is healing, cause we don’t have enough healers AND his healing is a joke makes him even worst. Liu would wreck his day and she is a 4*, add any other yellow be it a 3* or 5* and he is dead weight.

If his buff hit all he would be good, but since you need to park him center or right and left to center with average mana speed makes him close to useless 9 out 10 times in most cases since he is a defensive hero and not attacking you are relying on AI to make him useful which is not a ideal situation. Btw this is my opinion and not what everyone is gonna think. :flushed:

I was underwhelmed by Aeron is testing. As I’ve said elsewhere my petty peeve with him is sharing a name with the most popular office chair in America. More substantively for my team, he’s another Heal Over Time hero, and I have three better examples of those (Ares, Alberich and Guinevere). They don’t stack, so Aeron would be a AW hero for me.

On the bright side, he’s the first purple 5* healer and, as @Revelate notes, his no-new-effects buff has a place in the meta. Especially paired with Master Lepus, who suddenly becomes a great hitter with no downside.

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I liked when I heard of that interaction. But it seems too hard to line up correctly for this to overcome both of their downfalls. I want to believe it would work though.

Fair point, it’s not an obvious synergy, like Panther and Sartana, who will always be ready to fire simultaneously.

Then you have to have them both, so their is that. I know some will but down here in the ghetto it will be the few. :wink:

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If I happen to get them I will seriously consider ascending them both. I’m sitting on the materials waiting for the right blue & purple.

So it seems he hasn’t been changed?

Can someone explain to me the usefulness of the Elemental Link special? Yeah, I know it’s a nod to players who use multiple heroes of the same element in their teams, but 5% seems… lame. Even if it can’t be dispelled, there are many many ways to buff your team with attack/defense bonus. IDK, I was hoping they’re gonna remake this one into something else.

Yep, the elemental link have some kind of effect with very extreme teams (3 or more of the same element), but even there is not an overwhelming skill but surely a nice add.

In normal condition (rainbow team or double) you can’t really notice the difference.

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Well, people used to think the same thing about Alberich. The current trend is to make HoTM with element link. If you think that’s where it is going to end, I think it mistaken thinking. It’s going somewhere. No, I don’t know where, but after playing Magic the Gathering TCG for years, I know that a hero (Card) previously “meh” can easily turn out to be blow vital in the future. Yes, get him and keep him. Yes, Train him to max 2nd ascension and leave him there or if you have the items handy and no other use for them, get him to Max 3rd tier to be ahead of the curve for when he does actually become more useful. This is just my opinion. They do not refer to me as “the collector” without good reason.


Well, I did say I thought he was useful. As for what they might do with the element link, we don’t know yet, so we can hardly give advice on it yet. I still regard him as ‘nice to have’…

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