Aeron vs Khiona

I have been lucky enough to get both of them, and I only have the mats to max one at the moment. My current defense team is Lianna, Isarnia, Delilah, Sartana, and Marjana, all maxed. I also have Domitia 4/80, and Alasie, Drake, Greg and GM in the works, and a handful of other 5* that I haven’t started yet. I have the mats to max Vivica or Joon after I finish Drake, so I’m okay on healers, but you can’t have too many.

Which would you do first?

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I think Vivica should be your focus. It is the full-team cleanse vs Aeron’s partial that gets me to push back the dark heroes. Also, Khiona buffs only nearby allies which means pushing your healer to a flank or wasting some of her buff.

Great team.

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@NPNKY is presumably asking which Dark hero to ascend next to use the hard-won set of tabards. And he’s a savvy player, so I assume he’s using color-matched training. So Vivica isn’t competing with the Khiona/Aeron choice.

Personally, I would go with Khiona. She adds a lot to a Titan team. I’m not a big fan of Aeron, but I always prefer to lead with offense,

Understood @NPNKY knows the game. But, his premise that he has to make a choice between Aeron and Khiona is false in that if he makes a choice and acts on it he has done wrong.

I tried to show why both dark heroes were poor choices given the team and down roster which could be maxed.

I’m a big Aeron fan. There’s only so many 5* healers and he’s the only purple one. I chose Aeron over Khionna and have been very happy with the choice.

Was there a choice between other healers and Aeron?

I personally usually raid with a 3-2 formation with 2 healers; preferably one healer of each color. I also prefer to have as many of them be good 5* heroes since they survive better.

I know that more people will probably say to ascend Khionna over Aeron. They are very different heroes and for my current raid strategy having Aeron maxed made more sense to me.

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Aeron tank always gives me mixed feeling about him. If he not go down, i’m gonna go down :rofl:.
And a purple healer who cleanse (you arent going to use rigard forever,are you?), how precious is that? I dont think anyone have regret maxing him. On the other hand khiona really sweet on offence and you will also see an increase score on yellow titan if you use her. I dont have aeron, I wish I have him, now that I realised how good he is. I would lean more on aeron because you already have sartana.


No, @Bud, I don’t have to choose between other healers and Aeron. I have the mats for a yellow (Viv or Joon) and a purple (Aeron or Khiona). They aren’t competing for feeders since I do color matched, as @Kerridoc said.

As I haven’t used either one yet, I was asking those who have which they would do first.

And I’m a she, thanks.

Then Aeron

And I’m a he…or had you guessed

I have Aeron, Khiona and Sartana at 4/80 and i’m using Aeron most of the time. Quite always in my PvP attack team. His shield is also effective against event bosses. Yes: Khiona is good in titan matches - and my focus lies on titan fights. But if I had to choose, Aeron is my fovorite one.


Thank you all…

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I would say Aeron too. The jury is still out on Khiona for me. Have her around 3/50 and she dies way too quick. Same with panther at 4/50. Can’t stand up to 8* titans. I pulled another Sartana. Will start leveling her. I’ll take 2 of her into the Titan fights.

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Wanted to come back to this for a moment.

@NPNKY, my reasoning on pushing back saying neither dark hero should be seen in broader team-building philosophy to be grand about it.

You have everything you need to level up both a dark and, if I read it right, a holy. If it indeed is one only of each, start with Viv unless you have Guinevere already. Not only do I see her as the best healer, I see Joon as not good with Aeron as Khiona should be with Viv.

Joon is a fine sniper, but I do not think he is all that until paired with Jackal and that elemental buff. Khiona, though, is strong and adds a buff plus it seems she also gets stronger with a spirit link.

Just seems synergy is off imo.

Thanks for your time. Good luck.

Thanks for the explanation of your reasoning, @Bud. I do not have Guin yet. My current yellow 5 stars are Delilah 4/80, Drake 3/50ish and climbing, plus Viv, Justice, Leo, Joon and Rana unleveled. I do have Jackal to pair with them.

In purple, I have Sartana and Domitia at 4/80, plus Khiona, Aeron, Quintus and Obakan unleveled. I don’t have Panther yet.

I have the mats to finish Drake and Viv (or one other yellow) and to finish one purple 5*

I never really worry about Delilah, but Viv has a dispell that cuts off my DOT damage…changes my game.

Never worry about Drake, either, but Rana might as she is catching on.

Really beginning to like my Khiona. Have Victor and her raiding 25-2600. They pushed G Falcon and G Jackal out. Really need Viv or Guin to be ready for next level.

Good luck.