Aeron was outclassed by Costume Rigard. Powercreep. Vote, list your cases

Today i managed to pull this HOTM from Atlantis portal.
Im a little bit dissapointed yet. However id like to open this place to discuss about powercreep.

The powercreep exists in almost every online Game .

Id make a poll to see users reaction to this.
And maybe later i can decide what to do with Aeron(probably parked until academy arrives)

Do you believe that powercreep is healthy for E&P?

  • Yes, its necessary
  • No, they have to buff and Nerf to keep the right balance

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Is C.rigard vs Aeron the first E&P powercreep case?

  • Yes
  • No, i know other cases.(list above in the post)

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Do you consider Costume Rigard outclassed Aeron?

  • Yes, absolutly
  • No, Aeron is better
  • Neutral position

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If you had c.rigard and Aeron both maxed. Would you bring Aeron or Rigard to a PvP Battle?

  • Rigard
  • Aeron

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I can’t vote here because I do believe that some powercreep is healthy for the game but they also need to maintain a balance. Too much powercreep will not be healthy.

No. There are others. Kingston vs Lianna. Poseidon vs Joon. Probably many more I can’t think of right now.

I don’t have C.Rigard so I can’t say. I have Aeron and Rigard, and in general I currently use Aeron more. They are different heroes though, C.Rigard has the HoT that Aeron does so they are more similar.

Going strictly from stats (since I don’t have C.Rigard to try) I’d say it’s 50/50. Aeron is still valuable for his ailment immunity, and he is more durable.

Remember, the costumes are a balancing buff for the S1 heroes, so it’s really powercreep in the other direction in this case.


Aeron’s main utility is his debuff shield, which blocks undispellable debuffs. This makes him a more useful counter to heroes like Onatel than Dapper Rigard. The shield is also undispellable itself, which can help if the opposing team also has dispellers.

Like everything else in the game, the team you use depends a lot on the situation.


Emblems also have a role here. Aeron as a Monk for me has less competition for emblems than Rigard as a Cleric.


E&P powercreep is blocked by a PTW/WTP (wait to play) mechanic: aka Costumes. You and other ppl with nowadays underpowered heroes can still be happy that not everyone will get a better heroe for free.

In my opinion

A costumed and emblem-ed Rigard outclasses a few 5 star healers.

Even one from the recent Valhalla.

Of course if they were all fully emblemed it might be different, but maxing a 4 star is so much easier.


I have both and rarely use either.

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Imo EP lives from new challenges hence I find it healthy for the game. And with every new hero introduced another hero may become more interesting than before.
To the above mentioned Rigard: He became excellent on offense. Personsally when I go through my roster I have a lack of attack buffers. Rigard is easier to get and helps me bigtime to stand a chance against the defenses - and they become stronger and stronger.
Powercreep? No, I call it opportunity

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I only have 3 maxed copies of Rigard and I always bring him in my wars, a friend of mine that got Aeron when he were first released find him lacking but ony when it comes down to healing potential.

And this will be the last time Aeron will be seen in the summons anyway. If Aeron really is being replaced by a powercreeping Rigard+C maybe that’s why a lot of these older HOTMs are being retired?

No way they’ll let us pull just the stongest/newest heroes on Atlantis, they’ll always feature some of the oldest one to “spice up” the summoning portal :crazy_face:

I have both Aeron maxed and C.Rigard is just at +6. Even at that low emblem level Rigard is more durable, cleanses all instead of nearby, heals for more, and fires faster due to the costume bonus. Aeron’s debuff block is obviously nice against a lot of heroes, and his attack stat is quite a bit higher, but I find Rigard much more useful. I actually like that a 4* has such a value even at the highest levels of the game, and don’t mind a slight power creep, but I definitely wish I could have my tabards back.

I wish SG not simply let AERON that bad. I dont want him to be OP because i pulled him.
I only ask for balance, for an usable hero.
There is no way in my mind for a 5* being worse than a 4* star hero. And its the case of Aeron vs Rigard.
He is a HOTM, i dont like such level of extreme neglect for some heroes.
Its not fair. But well, this is a game, and i understand now that some heroes, even HOTM are simple fillers.

@zephyr1 Hello Zephyr. I realise i did something wrong with poll because i cannot see who voted there. Is it possible edit the polls to see who voted in?

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Unfortunately, polls can’t be edited more than 5 minutes after their creation without resetting the votes.

The only way to change that now is to start over on voting.

Would you prefer to keep the existing votes and not be able to see who voted, or change the poll format to show who voted but lose the existing votes?

I think its better to lost the votes to see further ones. if people want to vote again it would be nice but i prefer to see who voted

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Ok, I’ve updated the polls to include the public=true attribute, so voters are visible once you’ve voted.

One of the polls already had that, so its votes remain intact.


Thank you Zephyr! i hope you have a great day


There are more than a few cases of 4* heroes that have unique abilities and are arguably better than a mediocre 5*. Examples would include Proteus, Wilbur, Jackal, Falcon, and even Wu.

I think costume is a powercreep in itself. Cleric Rigard without costume bonus is outclassed by Cleric Rigard with costume bonus (no need to equip the costume), it have 5% more attack, 5% more defense, 10% more HP, and 5% more mana regen.


Yes. But in my mind a 5* hero, who needs tons of resource to be maxed should be better itself then a 4*-
Im referring to those 4* that work the same as his 5* version.
If i have an epic that has x ability, and then i have a 5* that has a similar one.
Theres no way that a 4*, easier to max outclasses a 5* which requieres tons of resources to be maxed and its rare to get. And in this case one is a classic 4* and the other a HOTM. Theres no logic here.
For example:
You have a Valen, who downs enemy defenses… there is no logic in doing a 4* who does the same but is outclassed by Valen. And if you do, theres no oher rotule that say that epic would be a filler, because no one would level him consuming more resources than his 3* counterpart

Another thing are those 4* you named before. They fit a specific role that not many 5* perform.

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