[Apr 3, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Mysticism Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Very defensive team. :slight_smile: How long did it take to pass a final stage?

Not long, surprisingly (maybe a few minutes?) I expected to fail. I have very little offensive in those classes, alas.

Edit: Proteus was the MVP. So long as Quintus wasn’t gaining mana, he wasn’t firing, and my healers could repair dmg in between.


Here’s my team. Thanks to Proteus the bosses never fired.


This is one of my weakest teams, probably. Just did the first two, I aint even gonna try the third one.

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Unbelievable, the mobs killed 3 of my team and I had to nuke the bosses all the way down.

Normal attacks took my weaker dudes.


Former Team:
Guinevere 4^50
Ameonna 3^29
Proteus 4^10
Onatel 2^60
Kashhrek 4^50

Current Team:
Guinevere 4^80 +3 (def, HP)
Hel (3^56) - acquired last Atlantis
Proteus 4^70
Onatel 3^38
Kashhrek 4^50

Healer-heavy and mana-controlling team, albeit almost toothless.


Last team going in based on the roster it spit out:

My team this time:

I have to say the “all purple” strategy is… not ideal. Besides it being weak to mobs and bosses, a board drought can put one behind the 8 ball real quick. It’s telling (for me at least) that I’m seriously considering maxing Quintus just because he’s the only classic sorcerer which would make trials a lot easier. A 2/60 Quintus just isn’t enough firepower. Gill-Ra was a great benefit due to the plethora of things her ability brings, but it hurts being on a 3* body.

Alright. Full board, fire Kiril, Gill-Ra, then Quintus. Go!

…crap. Okay, time to nuke it from orbit.

Still took blowing mana pots to blow Quintus twice and some cleanup tiles, but I got it. Should’ve brought axes. I did carpet bomb the last time, I should mention.


In case anyone was wondering: Using both Proteus and Onatel will result in no mana gain for anyone as long as Proteus is active. So Onatel only steals mana that the enemy would actually gain, not potential mana. Still ok if they activate at the same time. Onatels effect lasts one turn longer, so if you activate them at the same time you get the nice 100% gain. If you wait a turn for Onatel the enemy will gain almost no mana for 5 turns.


Bombs, dragon attacks, cleanup.


I was optimistic I wouldn’t need them but I used all my arrows, axes, and bombs this time (didn’t take dragon attacks with me). Got Balthazaar down to about 7% and Ulmer to 25% before I panicked and let them all rip (Ulmer and Quintus both had attacks that were about to go off). My lineup:

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My Proteus-Hel-Onatel-Guinevere lineup was a mana overkill.

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I found it a bit easier, but that’s only because I had a fully leveled Sartana in the group this time. Last time I was using a half-leveled Ameonna.

Had them all charged up, fired off Kiril then Jahangir, then Sartana (at center enemy), and then Proteus to mana lock all of them. Used 5 axes right away and then went to town. I had good luck with the board and nuked em pretty quickly. Didn’t need to use any other battle mats.

Going to level up my Rumple pretty soon to make it even easier in future trials.

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If you have Proteus, purple is the best color here :wink:

I brought Sabina x2, Proteus, Skittleskull and Graymane, large and medium mana pots, tornados and time stops. I only needed to use a few items. Proteus does all the hard work, while the healers keep him going.

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Pretty easy with this crew. Mana control rules!

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Completed all three stages with this team:


Items used: 4 Potent Heal, 5 axes, 5 bombs, 3 dragons

In other news… Proteus is ridiculous, and I like it. :wink:


All done no items needed. Proteus is an awesome 4*. Being able to throw tiles at the bosses and watch the mana stay empty.

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Must be nice. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to pull him

The team I used for the 4000 last stage of trials of mysticism (current emblem quest). I almost wasnt going to waste my time, I didnt think Id complete it, but I did. Not too difficult with the items I had, I underestimated the power of items (new to using time stop - man its overkill lol).
Items actually used: 1 x mana, 5 x time stop, 4 dragon att.
Ended with 4 heros left.
Well worth the attempt/item usage for the rewards.
If you are on the fence of whether to try with a team that isnt that beefed up I reccomend giving it a go :slight_smile:


Kiril, Skittleskull @ 3.60, Cochin, Graymane and Jahangir. Same as last time.

Healing, axes, bombs, dragon attacks. Walked away with a pair of dragon attacks, which is actually an improvement over last time.

This has been my hardest trial every time. Maxing Skittles would help a bit, but that is rather low priority. The only other hero I could use is Balthazar. Maybe one day the RNG will provide a better option…

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My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Last time I said this:

And so:

In addition to the swap of 3-60 Skittles for Proteus #2, I replaced 3-60 Sabina with Kiril, whom I fully leveled since last time. He’s better suited to add an off-color healer from the purple stack, and for overwriting the debuffs from both Ulmer and Skittles if needed.

Since last time Thoth-Amun also hit max and got emblems, Proteus Prime got more emblems, I’ve leveled troops a bit more, and I pulled another 4* purple troop.

The Battle

The first two stages were extremely easy with this team.

For the third stage, the monsters were quite easy, and the DoT contribution from Protei helped keep things moving along, even when purple stacking weakly against purple.

For the Bosses, having two Protei kept any of them from firing as I slowly chipped away with tile damage, DoT, and Thoth-Amun’s pillow fight hits.

With a purple stack and two purple Bosses, the tile damage was a bit slow going, but straightforward.

The slash attacks from the Bosses hit pretty hard, and wore away at my heroes — I suspect their attack stats have been buffed in addition to the HP.

With no real risk in their specials firing, I didn’t bother worrying about Sabina and Proteus 2 eventually getting taken out, and just used 9 minor mana and 1 mana along the way when needed to top up Proteus Prime or Kiril. For next time, it looks like there’s no way I’d possibly need the Dragon Attacks, so I’ll bring minor healing instead, since I’d rather burn that than any form of mana.

Eventually the Bosses died, almost all simultaneously, since a good chunk of the damage had come from DoT and Thoth’s hit-3.

Was It Harder?

The added HP was noticeable with a bit longer fight, and as I mentioned above, I would be unsurprised if their attack stats were buffed too.

Still one of the easiest Trials for me, thanks to Protei, but I do think it was a bit harder.

And I’m happy anywhere Protei can go. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Shiny New Emblems

After Stage 2, Proteus and Thoth-Amun both stepped up a node.


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