What is your maxxed 5*/month ratio?

It keeps coming up, but I just saw a big disconnect between what people thought was a normal number of maxed 5* heroes after a certain span of time. For context, I’ve been playing for 18 months and have 14 maxxed 5* and mats for 2 more. That puts me at ~0.75 5*/month (maxxed) and ~0.9 (achievable).


I’ve been playing almost 19 months, and have 14 maxed 5*, a 15th in Final Ascension, and mats for 4 more.

My main constraints are a lack of Damascus Blades (4, I could otherwise max almost 8 more 5* with current mats), and a lack of 5*, particularly in some colors.


Hunh, you’re struggling for blades? in my alliance, we’re all struggling for tomes – I have had at least 5 more blades than tomes for ages.

I was starved for blades for the longest time then got like 6 in a row without getting a tome, so my ratio has flipped to needing tomes now.

Yep, I have 10 Tomes and 4 Blades.

Everyone needs something. :man_shrugging:

10 months of play. 15 maxed 5* plus mats for 3 more hence 1.5 per month. I guess i still prefer to work on 4*, have 40 of those maxed.

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13 months, 5 maxed 5* :slight_smile: but the next ones were started :wink: (33 4*, 31 3*)
5/13 = 0,38

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Interesting metrics. :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing for 26 months. 15 maxed 5*. Mats allows me maxing 4 more 5*
It means that my rate is 0.57 5*/month maxed and 0.73 potentially.

I have enough tomes (9) and blades (12) but is short of tabards and tonics.

Forgot to mention that I’m c2p

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Been playing for 2 years. Have 13 maxed 5s and enough mats for 10 more. So could be 0.96 five stars per month if I was willing to max dupes or less desirable heroes.

I’ll soon max 2 more just okay ones, so at that point I’ll be at something like 0.62 actual maxed five stars per month.

And only 3 of those are non tc20 so that would be 0.13 special five stars per month maxed over 2 years

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The thing is, I doubt this is linear. The first x months is just a struggle for resources, decent heroes and upgrading buildings. The more time you put in, the more mats you’ve accumulated, TC20 is up and running, etc.

So my year in as a f2p with 3 maxed five bangers, 4 in the wings and lots of mats probably doesn’t mean much.


23 months; 34 fully leveled 5*s - probably 70 percent or more of those in the past year.


14 months, almost 30 maxed 5*, another 20 at 3/70 but what’s really sad is that I’ve had really poor luck with 4* mats drops from titans, rare chest…

Last year I had less than 10 4* mats from titans and this is from killing every 14* usually in A or B grade loot tier.

Have enough mats to ascend 5 more 5* but being selective with the mats drop rate.


Currently been playing for 19-20 months (just over 1.5 years)

In that time, after a fair but of spending, I have achieved:

5* Heroes

4/80 - 18x (5x Red, 3x Green, 3x Blue, 5x Yellow, 3x Purple)
Tier 4 (not maxed) - 2x (Alice @ 4-49, Seshat @ 4-1)
3/70 - 17x (2x Red, 5x Green, 4x Blue, 2x Yellow, 4x Purple)
2/60 - 4x (1x Yellow, 1x Blue, 2x Red)
Costumes - 0x

4* Heroes

4/70 - 26x (6x Red, 5x Green, 4x Blue, 5x Yellow, 6x Purple)
3/60 - 15x (2x Red, 4x Green, 5x Blue, 3x Yellow, 1x Purple)
Costumes - 3x

3* Heroes

3-50 - 48x (11x Red, 13x Green, 7x Blue, 9x Yellow, 8x Purple)
Costumes - 6x


  • 17x Damascus blades
  • 12x Tome of tactics
  • 7x Telescopes
  • 15x Darts
  • 4x Rings
  • 8x Tabards
  • 14x Tonics
  • 57x Compasses
  • 64x Gloves
  • 40x Hidden blades
  • 39x Capes
  • 51x Shields
  • 48x Orbs
  • 42x Trap tools
  • 527x Tall boots
  • 537x Chainmail
  • 652x Battle manual
  • 557x Scabbards
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9 months and I have 6 fully ascended, 2 dark and 1 each of the rest. I be able to at least another fire done in Feb and a Holy if I get one more set of darts. The rest I only have 1 or 2 mats right now.

I have been playing for ten months and I’ll have 16 5 stars maxed tomorrow. Making mine 1.6 a month.

9 months playing 8 maxed 5* with 2 more past final ascension well on the way to being finished (give me another week or so).

3 years playing 55 heroes 5*,25 of them maxed

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15 month in the game
23 maxed legends
My ratio is 1.53 lgds/mnth

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I play 28 month. 14 (+2) maxed 5 star and in total 21.
2 more are on their way to max.


The numbers will be affected by how many 4* mats you buy or win thru atlantis summons chest and the new costume portal. Consistently winning 1-3 mats in events is a bonus but haven’t done that personally.

27 months / 24 max 5’s / spent about $180

I can max 3 more right now and 2 more if needed in a month or so.

We have been streaking on 12’s and 14’s when they came out too.

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