Who is more unlucky than me with AMs? (you're not...)

I actually think my game is broken.

I’ve been playing for around 8 months. Getting 4* AMs is of course very tough… but as you all know, Compasses/Gloves & Blades/Tomes are probably the most critical items since every hero needs them.

I’ve worked very hard early on to get between B to A loot tiers on 9 to 11 star titans consistently with good results and finishing all challenges.

Here are my results.

20 Fine Gloves
33 Compasses

Think that disparity is bad? Check out this…

4 Tome of Tactics
17 Damascus Blades

Please don’t comment about how you’d love to trade with me for Compasses or Blades. I’m sure you do. The bottom line is I either i’m the most unlucky person, or my game is broken.

I was bothered that I had 10 Blades but only 4 Tomes - and now I’ve received 7 Blades in a row and I haven’t been able to ascend a 5* hero is like 4 months.



Sadly this normal… Nothing broken.

Here are my gloves and compasses. A long time I had 0 gloves and a lot of compasses.


Random game is random.

A month ago I had 6 tomes and 6 blades. Now I have 6 tomes and 11 blades.

Happens to everyone, all the time.

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Surprising - that’s very high volume. The good news is… once you’ve used 30 gloves and can have a complete war team, it really doesn’t matter as much.

I’m a little more than miffed that I’m getting 23.5% Tomes and 76.5% Blades. Doesn’t put 1 element on hold, puts my entire roster on hold.

Can’t change it, it’s just really bad luck. I held off posting this for over 2 months. In the end I thought I’d share to both vent, and show some other people that their situation is probably as not as bad as they think compared to some other people :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @Jakku,

Nice to see you here. But sadly that is very normal and we can’t do much about it. If you look at my AM drops, you will see that I got 22 Tomes, but 12 Damascus blades, which means I literally cannot max a 5 star even though I have the other mats. In fact, these disparities actually prove the true nature of RNG, if it were evenly distributed I would have questioned the authenticity of their pRNG code. :slight_smile:


Hey TPK, it’s been awhile.

Yup, I totally a agree with you. But I guess the reason for my posting still stands. And I’ll just revise my ‘Topic Title’

"Nobody has received a worse ratio of Damascus Blades to Tome of Tactics than me"

If you have (min. 6 months playing) then I’d be actually kinda relived/sorry to see that.

And yeah TPK, RNG can be cruel. You’ve played about twice as long as me and have received 5x my amount of Tomes, but somehow 5 less Blades. Kinda messed up.

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I agree. And I had hoped that Alchemy Lab would have been useful to mitigate such a situation to convert the excess mats to something we need. But sadly, both RNG and gems are involved in the process and hence totally not useful for F2P players. :slight_smile:


@ThePirateKing too true… I know that if I built the Alchemy Lab and somehow it let me feed 4 Damascus Blades for 1 random 4* material… I would just get another Damascus Blade :sweat_smile:


Take a look at my orbs vs. hidden blades numbers:

I have used 16 more hidden blades than orbs, but I still have received 26 more orbs.

I also currently have 67 compasses compared to 42 fine gloves.

But you can’t really don’t anything to change the ratio, it’s all RNG. Hopefully, you’ll get more tomes in the future.

It is very very normal… specially for Tome of Tactic…
Here is a sample poll in New Offers AMs.

New Offer - choose your ascension material

Let see D-Blade is 15%, it means RNG still applied here, not all ratio is the same on all members.

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The leader of our alliance has 1 Damascus Blade and 12 Tomes IIRC. As for me, I have 4 Blades and 8 Tomes. The biggest problem for me, however, are the damned scopes.

That sucks, but not close to me.

I just picked up another Damascus Blade from my wanted chest.

Total count now after 7.5 months:

4 Tome of Tactics
18 Damascus Blades (8 in a row, before any other 4*)


Can’t be possible, game is broken.

Orbs love me… up to 80+ and about 40 of every other 3*.

It’s just RNG, she says with a sigh

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