Best of What I Got?

Hello! Hope everyone is doing alright! Below are all of my 5*s on my main account. Need help seeing best lineup out of my options (doesn’t matter if they are maxed or not). Looking for best war lineup no rules!

I can max one (1) yellow, blue, and red if that matters! Thanks for the help as always!

Defensively, I think Heimdall at Left Wing is pretty stout followed by Clarissa at Left Flank, Guinevere at Tank, Vela at Right Flank, Marjana at Right Wing. In Field Aid Wars, sub in Anzogh for Marjana.

The only concern I would have is Paladin emblem competition between Clarissa and Heimdall, and if that’s an issue then go with Seshat over Clarissa. With Seshat at Left Wing, Heimdall at Left Flank, Guin at Tank, Vela at Right Flank, and Marjana at Right Wing.


Since it’s for war, big determinant is tank color.
Idk about lower tiers but Heimy tank is pretty ineffective even with emblems. Think about MN or Alby tank and that’s same reasoning, too slow and easily countered.
All three best in left wing for latter stages of battle.

I’d ascend Vela, then toss up between Magni and Fenrir. Magni first if you get his costume.

I’d ascend a second Marjana over Khagen, Elena or Azlar. Maybe Azlar if you get his costume but Marjana would still be on your defense.

Viv or wait for yellow, best bet is costume Joon or when Poseiden is featured in Atlantis.

So save Khagen, Elena, Ranvir, Leo for HA.

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Well that’s the thing we are cycling color of tank right now. Currently on yellow so Guin is holding me down with double purple flank. After we do yellow purple and red we are switching to best available. That’s why I’m asking now to prepare.

I have Magni’s costume so go with him instead of vela?


I think there is two decent options:

  1. Seshat- Maŕjana (or Anzogh) - Heimdall- vela- Leo

  2. Kingston- clarissa - Guin - Seshat- Maŕjana

Heimdall is a really punishing tank if he fires and believe me he will fire in war especially if you can’t bring reds because of Vela

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