Anyone know Springvale 2020 date?

Anybody knows when does springvale begin?

It hasn’t been announced yet.

We’re expecting to see it enter Beta soonish, possibly next week.


This will be my first time doing Springvale.
I see on the E&P Wiki page it says “Play in normal or Advanced”. Does this mean I can do ALL 20 stages on BOTH difficulty, or I must pick one difficulty and complete it? I think it’s similar to the other one that did this, right? The Christmas one I think that was.

I see the info graphic looks interesting, I mean, a more diverse monster range so I am not going to just be using the same 2 mono teams, which is nice. I look forward to this for sure

You get to do both, with rewards getting better progressing from normal to advanced.

EDIT: should be very similar to the Christmas I’ve, but they claim to be revamping it, so there may be some changes from what the rest of us are used to.


Oh… lol here I was thinking it was just hours away (was expecting March for some reason)… but now I see the 2019 thread… it was 2 weeks starting mid April… dayum… lol oh well my bank account will be thankful!!

And here’s hoping the proposed revision sees a handful more heroes added (can never have too many bunnies, at least the non-invasive variety!), even a family bonus.

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With Easter falling on April 12th and last year’s Seasonal Event starting on the Monday prior, I theorize that Springvale will probably begin on April 6th and close on the 20th, though with Atlantis (April 3-5) running during that time and Riddles of Wonderland (April 8-12) , as well, that could change. There have been many changes and additions to the game since Springvale 2019–Moving Atlantis Rises, The Costume Event, and the Season III Roll-Out with Week 3 Might of Valhalla Event just to name a few.

So nothing is set, but that’s what I’m bracing for. Multiple events at the same time never stopped Small Giant before, so I suspect they may keep the pattern.

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It might start just after Wonderland on the 13th. I assume the start will rather be postponed than be earlier because of the redesign of the event. But I’m looking forward hearing news about it. Hopefully they add two or three bunnies :rabbit:

Does this mean that the Sprinvale event will have changes?

Is there a link available that shows what was offered during last year’s spring event calendar? Can’t seem to find one.

I guess you are looking for this one:

Springvale updated event just hit beta :wink:

New heroes and overhaul of the challenge… Stay tuned to #beta-beat


That’s what I was looking for, thank you.

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And new heroes, alright!

What else hit beta? Heroes of the month?

Yes but you’ll just have to stay tuned to #beta-beat

Purple Gravemaker with the difference that he hits all enemies. Imba^10
Guin who? & purple extends its lead

Recently announced that it will start April 6th.



Check out the new characters in Springvale!

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Yea I saw them the other day they look nice going get me a few

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