Riddles and Springvale Scheduling/ overlap in April 2020

Will Riddles and Springvale take place at the same time, or will they be separated? It seems to me that in the first case it will be very inconvenient to play.

As far as I know, Riddles will begin on April 8, and the seasonal event will begin on April 6. Previously, developers in every possible way arranged similar events so that they would not be held at the same time except for the winter event. So I have a question, will there be the same separation or will they still be launched together?

I’m 99% sure that they will be running at the same time. Seasonal events usually last for 14 days (or more) so there are enough days to complete Springvale outside of the Riddles of Wonderland time frame.

Nowadays, it is not possible to have a seasonal event that does not overlap with something else (week 1 - Atlantis, week 2 - challenge event, week 3 - costume chamber, week 4 - Valhalla).


As @D_DI said, the scheduled events will go on as normal.

The seasonal event is open for a LONG time comparatively. Yes it takes a fair bit of WE to complete everything but it’s stretched out over a lot of days.

Say it runs for 2 weeks; that’s a total of 2016 flags available for use.

Say you remove 42 WE per day to fill the monster chest twice, you still have 1428 WE flags.

Hard mode needs: 184 WE
Medium node needs: 134 WE
Easy mode needs: 74 WE
Total = 392 WE flags

This leaves you with 1036 flags for everything else :slight_smile:

Also worth noting that the rewards for easy are quite minimal (per beta information) so likely won’t hold any value/ worth to later Game players…


To be fair though, how many second or third or 4th attempts will some people need for the later hard mode stages? For me I may fail and have no gems to continue, for example. I am hoping not though, since I have Proteus and Miki lol.

I will do the stages regardless of rewards, they will be a bonus for me. I just like something new and different. farming the same missions over and over is extremely tedious.

Even if you have to attempt each stage in Hard Difficulty3 times, you’ll still have plenty of WE :slight_smile:

My point is that the Seasonal Events are REALLY long & have such low pressure on completing :slight_smile:


I know, I am just playing devils advocate slightly :stuck_out_tongue:
Plus I am sure we get a WE free usually right? Plus probably some offers with some.

The seasonal events come with an offer calendar. One new deal each day.

Not sure about the “free gift”; I can’t specificaly remember there being one, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t one.


We usually get a WE flask at the beginning of each Challenge Event


I just hope nothing interfere with atlantis rise so we can just get a lot from it while we can.

Fortunately, as @Guvnor started, the seasonal events are fairly long. Normally when they are going on I finish whatever else is being offered (AR, challenges, trials) and with any leftover energy I work on the seasonal.


Then start making mana potion for miki. Lol. You will finish the difficult stage in no time.

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Can you post an April 2020 Calendar?



I’m 100% sure they will overlap.

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My apologies it was posted in the March Calendar the April’s would be posted on March 27th. Details Pixie​:smiley: Read all the Details :grin:

Hi Pixie, did you ever track down the April calender? I cant find it anywhere.

@Novo, sounds like players are itching for that April Calendar.

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This isn’t month-specific but will provide an insight on events that will be coming up.

Posted this yesterday on the March Calendar thread. I will have the April Calendar out soon.


@Hickz I found this👇


You’d think people would read this.
I hope all is well. The much appreciated calendar should be waaay on the back burner compared to real life.

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