Sands empire event hero's

Hi there everybody, I wasn’t here last summer, so have very little info about the hero’s involved in the Sands event. Has anyone got the cards for the sands heros, all lvls.

Im saving my eht and just want a preview of what I should be hopeful of pulling, if I’m lucky of course. Thank you in advance!

You can use this site for a reference.

Use a filter to search for Event heroes.
Look for Yunan, Rana, Jabbar, Gafar, Hisan, and Arman.

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Those are the ones I have


Thank you all for the speedy responses! They all look pretty solid and would be welcome additions

They range from decent (Rana, Jabbar) to outstanding (Yunnan, Arman)

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here is the chief


Does anybody see those heroes in the diamond raid league?
Don’t plan to spend my tokens for them…

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Honestly not that often… I don’t have any of them but will occasionally see the odd Rana and Yunan.


Sometimes meet Yunan as a tank but not very often

Another question worth asking… Does anyone ever fight in field aid wars? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wu kong is pretty horrible on defence teams, does that mean nobody should want him? Defence teams are an important part of the game, but there are alot of other things to do with heroes.


I don’t fight wars often anymore…matchmaking still horrable.

The reason you see a lot of these heros is because the only time they were out was last summer, and seeing how hard it is to get a 5*, a lot of those people have playing already.

I use my Hisan and my Gafar all the time.

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I fight in all wars. There is no penalty either way and you don’t lose anything.

I never understood the whole “boycotting” thing. It really makes no sense. This is a game after all. I enjoy every part of it.

Then there is the loot after you fill the chest which is normally pretty decent. People who don’t participate lose out on a chance at getting something they need.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh by the way, matchmaking has been better. At least I see that it has.

Oh and on the Wu question I only really use him on titans now.


Me too, but that doesn’t make him a bad hero :slight_smile:

And I use my sand heroes for wars, was my point. For field aid they are great


It sure doesn’t.

He has his place like all heros. Initially he is awesome and used a lot but as you grow in the game some heros don’t have the same use they once did.

Yunan would definitely see some love from me as a possible war Tank option! He may be slow but I faced him and he hurts if he goes off!

Was hoping one of the hero’s was a 4* holy as I’m lacking any depth!

Wu, sometimes I regret why I maxed him, I had to cross my fingers whenever I fire Joon after his special. apart from making the lineup against dark Titans, he sits on the bench.

Yes, for Sand heroes, they shine against the enemies in Alliance war with healing boost.

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