Need advice on summer event

Pls need advice on summer event , im now in advance stage 15 n its hard to win. Pls advice me what i need to do to win this event.
My 5 heroes use are delilah,scarlett, perseus,merlin,kiril,
But can’t win.
I do have peter hukong, g.jackal.little jhon. Grimm. Chao. Melendro. Tiburtus.
Pls need sdvice thanks

Double purple hitters. Bring lots of battle items

Maybe bring Peters to delay their specials

I’d bring Delilah, Tiburtus, Merlin, Scarlett, Little John. Try to abuse the level before the bosses as much as possible - get 3 of Delilah’s minions on every hero, charge all specials, and make gems/dragons on the board before killing the last minion. This will give you a huge leg up in the boss stage. Also antidotes are a must to clear the DoT every boss deals.


Are those heroes all fully leveled? Are you bringing bombs, axes, dragon attacks, and antidotes?

Save your damaging items for the boss level.
Axes x 5 = 1000 damage
Bombs x 5 = 2000 damage
Dragons x 5 = 2500 damage

Fire them all off and that’s 5500 damage to each boss before you move a single tile

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Can i use delilah scarlett perseus merlin kiril
Who u think i replace for peter? Yes i will bring all the ammunition for that

Do i need antidotes also? Is that for cure of there boss power?

I use boldtusk, tiburtus, grimm, liittle john, joon and passed stage 17 so far without redoing any stage. Only used minor health, antidotes and occasional arrows if board get rough. You can try stacking your damage by stacking att buff and defense debuff and also hard hitter. I think you need to stack up as many damage as you can rather than dragging the play. Meaning, play offensifely, not defensifely. Of course go to boss stage fully loaded. You can try kiril tiburtus merlin lil john with wukong/chao/jackal.

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Antidote is very important, their DOT will be neutralised. Timestamps are very effective. Will help a lot to Merlin not to get a hit from both bosses. Lvl 15 and 20 are the hardest.

I finished both challenges with Rigard (4/70), Alasie (3/70), Gravemaker (3/70), Boldtusk (4/70) and Merlin (4/70). How you can see, I did not have power hitters at all except Alasie. But she is just 3/70.

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Its 1000 + 1500 + 2000 = 4500.

Boss at this level has around 4700 so it should be easy peasy with items

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So this is my team who u think i will choose thanks

I just finished stage 19 myself. Items are pretty important for the bosses. Wu Kong can also be a savior.

I am using a team with a power of 3465. Joon (3/70), Grimm (max), Rigard (max), Wu (max), Caedmon (max)

So far I haven’t struggled to bad. It is definitely doable with less powered teams.

For items I carry arrows, axes, bombs. 500 hp potions.

Try and make sure your heros are charged going into the bosses. Unleash your items and fire your heros.

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i’m on stage 17 and so far 15 has been the hardest, very doable with lower level teams as long as you have the items

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With your team you have to take wukong and since you need a good healer, Delilah has to go to…

The only thing I think it’s important, it’s the antidotes…

So I recomend, Delilah, Wukong, tiburtus, Perseu and Merlin…

Let all the specials be full before you reach the final Boss


Now I see you don’t have Delilah or Perseu full… You can’t go with them and it’s going to be very hard indeed…

Well, all of the heroes I said you to take, none of them is fully leveled!!!

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If you can’t bring them down with Wu Kong - Kiril - Grimm - stuff… try with this:

  • Kiril
  • Cyprian
  • Merlin
  • Boril
  • Delilah

Bring those heroes in this very position, from left to right:

  • Healer - (3)perfect riposte - x - (3)perfect riposte - Healer
  • To have your heroes covered with perfect riposte
  • Putting your healers to sides one of them will avoid to being hit by (3)target special.
  • Don’t bring Atk buffer aside from Kiril, wich also increase your defense: you want to reflect their damage but also to not die.
  • Don’t fire your riposte specials as soon as they charge (if you can’t refresh themby ghost tiling) but when they expire and remember to have them ready for the last stage.

Just won last stage on advanced. Can really recommend to bring delilah. In final battle bosses more of less use their special constantly and avoid to heal your team (cannot dispelled). Minions give u a good protection instead. Also used miracle roll. Brought 2 hitters back, used Delilahs skill and used healing potions. Worked perfectly. My team power was about 3600.

Good luck everyone!!! :crossed_fingers:

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Aeron is super useful in this event…i only used 1 time stop at the last advanced stage:-)


Yep - I agree totally. Aeron got me through unlevelled!

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I need some advice too. I have Berden, Bane, Sha Hi, Jagangir and Brienne I can’t pass the rare level 9. Help me please.