Any info on this guy? (Namahage)

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Height: 4’2
■■■: Male
Status: Single and ready to mingle
Location: Eastern province of Atlantis

Prefers long walks in the woods and candlelight dinner by the fireside. Generally shy and not confident about his looks, but what he lacks in beauty he makes up for in his charm.


All jokes aside, he’s a solid sniper with one of the few 3* that provide an attack buff. He’s also fast mana so he’s a keeper :wink:

P.S. Welcome to the forums!


One of The best 3* heroes, works beautifully with Nashgar when stacking red.


The attack buff is great for Titans, especially if you don’t have enough 4^ Reds to color-stack (like me, only have Lance and Gormek so I use Namahage against Green titans)

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Here is the maxed version of Namahage:

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This made me actually LOL.

Back to the post. Namahage is a great 3* hero. If you see the epic leaderboard during some of the events (Wonderland, Riddles, etc) top teams are stacking 2,3,4,or 5 of these guys on a team. Keep him, max him. Have three maxed right now.


Yeah I’ve seen teams of 5 Namahages on the Wonderland quest leaderboard for Rare. He’s that good of a hero (as far as 3* go).

Hits very hard, fast, and boosts his own attack to deadly levels. Definitely worth leveling.

The most important advice I can give you: lock up your best heroes (this one is not locked but should be). When you pull up the card where you took this picture, click the padlock icon near the top left.

Namahage is one of the top red three star heroes (I think I’d put Rudolph ahead of him, and maybe Squire Wabbit). He’ll be great until you assemble a team of four stars, and will continue to be usable in various events and raid tournaments that are limited to three star heroes (for example, Buff Boster tournaments).


I’ve gotten 2 so far. Locked them right away… I’ve seen the top of those Rare event leader boards… 5 stacked of this cat.

Hey all! Wondering if you’d bring up 2 Namahages or 1 Namahage and one Rudolph? Which order? And what about Squire Wabbit?

I only have 2 namahages 1 rudolph 1 nashgar and 1 hawmoon (costume)
now you know my red 3* team

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