Bauchan vs Namahage

I’m looking for a second attack 3* for tourney. I have Azar3-50, Nashgar3-50 and Hawkmoon level 6 but 3-50. I am not pleased with Azar. I have Barchan and Namahage sitting. I am looking to reduce the small reds but would like suggestions on Barchan and Nam. Which to keep to replace Azar.

Thank you

Namahage is the upgraded version of Nashgar and a great 3* hero. That would be my suggestion for you

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Yeah honestly Azar is not that good. I’d max Namahage if I was you. The little guy can punch really hard.

It’s high time for a cull, I’ve been considering ditching Azar for some time. I have 3xNamahage, Nashgar, Hawkmoon and Jahangir and use Azar the least. Then again there could be a game changing costume for her coming along.

Bauchan imo is a miles better version of Azar. So if you are looking for a very good mana controller in the 3 stars, Bauchan is your man. Want a pure attacker, then Namahage is the way to go.


Namahage is a hit one and attack boost for himself at fast, all good.

Bauchan shines in rush attack, his mana cut and boost to mana generation for your team are fantastic. If you can fire him after a defense down hero he does decent damage as well.

They don’t really fill the same niche (Rudolph replaces Azar more directly, hit one, cut mana, as a bonus Rudolph gets a minion and hits harder).


I’m working on my 4th Namahage now (the other 3 are at +18). He’s devastating.

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On second thought, don’t undersell Bouchan - he’s a top notch 3*. I’d say both are worth ascending. Namahage just has a special place for me :slight_smile:

I have both, and use Bauchan far more. The mana control + mana boost is pretty awesome for events.

well when I looked and HP found Bauch is almost double Nam and the idea of mana control on both sides of the equation was very appealing so is Bauch. Knowing how frequent 3* hero’s show up Ill see Nama again and again

And it would give an option and hope play well with Nas

Thank for the discussion and help

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