Rudolph vs Namahage

I want to level a second 3* red for the challenge event. My first is Nashgar, now I have to choose between Rudolph and Namahage and I am unsure about who would be more helpful of the two.

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I’m the same, and am leveling Rudolph for his mana drop. In fact I put even Red wabbit in front of Namahage

Rudolph could be handy to prevent damage, Nahmage to deals damage.
The weak one that you should bench is Nashgar.

Would keep both, if you go for rare challenge events you need at least 3 3stars of each element, in my opinion of course.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for asking the question. I have them both in the queue too.

Namahage might get my vote purely because it’s February and Reindeer aren’t for life, they’re for Christmas.

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