Squire, Rudolph, or Namahage?

Basically what the title says. All 3 are great but I am trying to make a solid rainbow (or maybe 2 red stack) 3* team for raid tournaments. Out of these 3, which one would you put on your team? If I were to stack 2, which 2 of the 3 would you put onto a team?

1 rudolph 2 wabbit 3 namahage


Rudolph is probably the most suited, but generally people prefer Namahage to use barbarian emblems and leave fighter emblems to Gato (probably the best blue to invest on)


I can’t remember if it was epic or legendary but I believe the person ranked 1 in the last challenge event used 5 fully ascended squire wabbits. This may be the craziest thing I’ve ever saw in this game tbh


It was only 2 Wabbits, who were both almost fully emblemed. Impressive none-theless. I believe there was Namahage in there as well.

I forget if it was the same team, but I also recall seeing someone run a fully emblemed Jahangir in top 10. That was what really surprised me! :stuck_out_tongue: First time I ever saw him in a challenge event leaderboard


I’ve found the mana cut on Rudolph to be really helpful in raid tournaments. I’d go with him.


Another vote for Rudolph because MINIONS!


And now we’ve got Ei-Dunn. How would you rank her in regard to Squire Wabbit, Namahage and Rudolph? :thinking::hugs:

Can’t comment on Ei-Dunn. I drew her but haven’t worked on her yet. BUT going back to Rudolph, I realized something recently.

Minions still work in the tournaments where healing and resurrection are disabled. So you’re sort of still “healing,” in a way. Obviously this is much more effective with Santa, Mother North and Buddy because they give minions to mulitple heroes. But something else to consider.

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This is why Kvasir was popular in a 3* bloody tournament a few weeks ago.

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@Zathrus I’m gonna need to work on him. Thanks for pointing that out. There are so many new heroes it’s hard to keep track.

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i love all three and use all three…Sometimes i leave out Rudolph if I need speed (minions not ticking time away) and if its a final boss in challenge events I dont use Rabbit since I wont have a healer and the negative is too much. Nam is always in my lineup but its usually Rudolph, Rabbit, and three Namanahahahaha’s or two and a Bauchan. Guess I am saying you cant go wrong whichever you choose.

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