Journey to competing at epic

So I like to set myself new targets and the next target I have decided is from next month I want to start doing better at placing at epic. For rare and Legendary I will continue to work on just getting the completion rewards.

I’ve decided on epic as it is where my roster has most depth. Also crafting items will be more accessible for me.

Both @SamMe and @Liam_K gave some advice in the main event thread.

Items wise (approx 100 of each):

Minor mana
Normal mana

Looking for advice on some team set up, play method and flask usage.

I newly created a youtube channel for my friendly battles and will post my attempt on that when the time comes and depending on how successful may move this into the player guides section instead.

4 star Roster:

Rigard+11; Proteus; Tiburtus; Gafar
Mist+19; Jackal+19; Chao
Sapphire+11; Grimm+20; Sonya; Boril
Caedmon+20; Peters; Kashrek
Boldtusk+20; Sumle+20; Wilbur+20; Falcon; Lancelot

In progress/ Unlevelled:

C-Rigard; Stonecleave; Fura; Merlin
Gilli; Wu; Li Xiu; Danza
Jott; Mireweave; Triton
Skitleskull; Gobbler
Sumitomo; Carol; Shadereave; Scarlett; Colen; Kelile

Current thought to use mono red as it’s my strongest

First thing I guess will be getting the team right.Is there anyone in my unlevelled I should throw every feeder into instead to bring in?

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