Next set of rainbow 5 stars

Hi all! Looking for advice: assuming I prioritize all aspects of the game equally and that I have all four stars as well as Ranvir, victor, Frida, Zim and Evelyn maxed, help me choose the next set of rainbow five stars to level out of:

Ursena, quintus
Neith, Leo, Vivica, justice
Azlar, Anzhog, Helena, Khagan
Horghall (costume), Kadilen or wait
Richard, Vela, Isarnia, Thorn

Also how would you distribute 400 emblems in each class and how you would set up the defense. Haha Thanks!!!

I’d go Ursena, Vivica (and hope for the costume), Anzogh (for future red stacks), Kadilen (or maybe wait) and Richard to pair with Frida. Vela is a close 2nd there for blue, however.

I would concentrate on def as priority. Then life if under 1000. Otherwise, increase attack. There option for critical or mana generation. I always go for mana if possible.

I was going to type exactly this. I’d wait on Green for sure, evelyn will hold you off until you get a green worthy of the Tonics.

Ursena Neith Anzhog Vela would be the only ones I’d consider going past 3/70 with. Just start saving mats

Careful when you ask for advice. By all means please do, this is why the forum exists, but also bear in mind that choices depend on personal and subjective preferences, experiences, rosters, philosophy, etc.

With that said, to add more to your confusion, here’s my $0.02. After a full year of game play, I think the best and quickest path for new players is to build the strongest and most complete mono team possible for each color and each level. I believe that if you achieve that, you basically have 99% of your game needs covered.

By a complete team I mean a combination of healers, good offensive heroes, good titan heroes, at least one very good defensive hero, buffers, de-buffers, dispellers, and other good special skills and talents. For example, my 4* blue team is Kiril, Sonya, Sonya costume, Grimm, and Triton.

An added benefit of this is that now, before maxing a hero, I look at the team I have, or envision to have, for the same color and level as that hero, and then I decide if the new hero is a good fit.

So for example, looking at your blue options, between Richard (good defensive hero, very good tank, decent offensive hero), Vela (good hero all around), Isarnia (very good titan hero, decent offensive hero, mediocre on defense), and Thorne (decent to mediocre), I would ask which one completes or improves my 5* blue team and in my case, based on my roster, the answer would be Vela as I need more power on offense and titans. But you may easily chose something else and I guarantee you there are no bad choices. In the end, YOU are building YOUR team, the way YOU like it, and with what YOU have.

Hope I helped more than I confused you.


In my honest opinion, I would build a team with the following:
Kadilen (I think she is worth it)
Good luck

if your only red is Zimkitha then I’d think of maxing Azlar or Elena to have some firepower. Anzhog doesn’t seem to be a powerful hitter. He can be good as a third hero though. Just my personal opinion.

It depends on a chance of getting another green 5*. For me as a c2p (close to f2p) Kadilen was the first and the only green 5* for half a year. With emblems +5 over attack increasing path she has 711 attack stat, fast mana and special that protects from snipers and attackers like Lianna or Elena. Unfortunately her special doesn’t protect from DoT (Azlar, Marjana and alike).

@SuuriKoira @lambeau @Texas1970 @Chadmo @BigLordF @JGE
Thanks for all the responses! I assumed Ursena was a given but you all have touched on my main doubts Richard Vs Vela, Anzogh vs Azlar, Kadilen or wait

Richard vs vela:
On one hand when I stack blue Kiril, Frida and Grimm+18 are pretty devastating though grimm tends to die early against highly emblemed teams. Richard could be a natural replacement as he is sturdier and I had been planning to level him for a while. on the other hand I just pulled Vela who is new so not many reviews but is fast and has A Ratings all accross the board (whereas Richard is average, has Bs all across and shares emblems with Frida which puts me in a pickle)

Anzogh vs Azlar: I tried Anzhog at 2/60 with Wilbur, falcon, Zim and Hansel and with all those buffs his heal is nice so he makes my team survive though I am leaning towards Azlar for the reasons SuuriKoira stated and his slow speed is less of an issue in attack

Kadilen or wait: I dont intend to spend money other than VIP pass this year so I might have to wait a long time for Lianna to come out of TC20. zeline, Alby and kingston wont be featured for a long time anyways… I do rate Kadilen and think she’d pair up well with evelyn and Hansel at high speed so I guess I’ll wait for Lianna until I cant wait anymore haha

@Texas1970 I wonder why you chose Neith over Vivica, I dont like slow heroes but Neith is getting a lot of harsh reviews from the forum mebers and Vivica would be my only 5 star healer (not a fan of removing emblems from Rigard+18). Neith shares emblems with Evelyn so thats another issue

I still have my doubts specially regarding Vela, I’ll see if more comments come up upvoting her over Richard. Thank yall!!

I chose Neith ( from what you said you had- Neith is a fine hero it’s just some people have Joon/Drake and that would make Neith less valuable). Viv if you have the costume but honestly I have never been afraid of her at all. My theory is… there is a lot of good heroes coming out from S3 , events and HOTM and if you take along term approach ( saving mats) that you only ever max “decent heroes” it’ll serve you a lot better 6-12 months from now. I always look at a hero and ask what they will look like with 8 tiers of emblems as well. S1 heroes aren’t on the same level

Opinions of top 100 tier players vary but I like Vila ( Druid class 8 tiers- not much competition for emblems she’s great in blue stack) and I do not mind Anzogh ( wizard who hits all- nice class perk) because I use him with Falcon GM in war- he hits 5 hard plus heals in that setting. Take my opinion with a grain of salt because I do have all of 2019 HOTM and quite a few event heroes… but I am adamant that people don’t waste the good mats on bad heroes

One last thing- I just reread your Azlar-Anzogh debate. Azlar is devastating if he goes off. If your a fella that likes the tourneys then he is awesome in Rush attack. If you value AW more, then Anzogh is who you should choose. AW has the three attack boosts- it is so much easier in AW ( especially top 100 wars) if your running 1 healer in your offence… Anzogh fits that criteria quite nicely imho. So, think about where you’d like to prioritize.

Hi All, thought I should update, I went vivica and pulled her costume too so she’s my new tank until Ursena is ready, absolutely loving her so far both in attack, titans and defense.

Also leveling vela but I’m stuck on red, BTW Thank you @Texas1970 for the detailed explanation, I was leaning for Anzogh but now got JF and got my doubts again… who do you think I should max?
Throwing Azlar back into the mix cause he’s the only one that could get emblems:

JF vs Azlar+8 vs Anzogh

Red stack:
Falcon, Wilbur+18, Zim+8, Lancelot+18,