Which ones to level next?

Please help me decide which 5stars to level next.
My main focus is wars.

Purple~ursena,quintus,sartana No2
Yellow~Inari, Malosi, Leonidas
Blue~Ricard, King Arthur, Thorne, Magni No2
Green~Margareta, Kadilen
Red~Elena, Khagan, Grazul, Jean Francois

My thoughts are~Ursena, Malosi, Ricard, Kadilen, Grazul…Ursena is pretty much already decided But what about the rest?

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King Arthur for titans, he’s got that beautiful stackable elemental def down.

I’d do the others equally to your suggestion.

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Would be great if we could see your roster and then be able to give you a better / more informed decision. But just on paper I would suggest the following:
Purple - Ursena
Yellow - Malosi
Blue - King Arthur
Green - Kadilen and then hope for the costume
Red - Jean-Francois
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

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For example… King Arthur? If you don’t have Frida maxed, then he’d get it all day long for me… And he might anyway!

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Knowing who you have already would be helpful… but going “sight unseen”

Red: grazul
Blue: K Arthur (if no frida)… I’d wait if you have frida.
Green: kadilen
Yellow: Malosi
Purple: sartana… I’m probably the minority here. :woman_shrugging: (ursena, if for defense)

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Thanks all,
Ok so king Arthur it is then.
I already have 1 sartana, is it worth levelling no2 before Ursena? I also just drew Kunchen so now I Will Probabl Go With Him.

if it’s strictly for war, I’d do a second sartanta over ursena (which is what my original comment referenced)… however ursena is a kick a** titan hero… so overall I’d go urs first, for variety… especially if you have lvl23 troops


And my kunchen hasn’t seen action in months! … thanks to rigard’s costume.

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Ok … I don’t have Kunchen, tried to get him several times but never been so lucky.
But I do have Rigard+20 And got his costume at the last event so currently sat at 4/1.
Is he really better than Kunchen? And as a Tank?
Asking because my alliance run with purple tanks and I use Clarissa +7

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As a tank no… But there are a good number of viable purple tanks.

As a healer/cleanser for offensive use?
Faster mana, even moreso with costume and troops… Definitely.

Kunch gives you defence debuff - but so do lots of useful heroes, attacking or more passive.

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As a tank… I’d say no… RigC with emblems is a better (cheaper, faster) offensive option compared to a non emblemed Kunchen… but I’d imagine if you tank him, you’ll emblem him. So K’s stats will surpass R’s within the first few nodes…

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Yeah… i think I just repeated what you said. lol. Great minds : )

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Only peep I’ll add is I’d pick Margaret over Kadi — start her when you get the costume

Margaret is a nice card with the buff on office

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