Advice Needed: Blue 5* and Red 5*

Hi All,

Once again, I’m being indecisive and would appreciate feedback from the forum. I’m two 5s away from the 30 5 goal line. I exclude BW from the count. I have scopes. I’m admittedly embarrassed on how many gems I blew this morning to get Alice, but she (and Jabby) continue to elude me. So I will deal with what I have left for blues: Aegir, Richard, and Isarnia.

Current roster of max’d 5s and important 4s:

Dark: Ursena +16, Hel +14, Seshat +14, Clarissa, BW, and Rigard +20

Holy: Joon-C +18, Posiedon +18, Guin +9, Inari +6, WR, Vivica, Malosi, and GJ+14

Red: Zimkitha +17, Gravemaker +12, Marjana +6, BK, Anzogh, Grazul, BT+19

Green: Telly +18, MN +8, Eve +6, Lianna, Zeline, Kingston, and Tarlak 3/70.

Blue: Ariel +7, Miki +5, Magni, Athena, Frida, Kiril +6, and Grimm +19

I don’t think any of my choices would crack my mono-blue stack, so this choice is really all about rounding out a 5th or 6th AW line or as a blue tank. I also have enough Paladin emblems for +6 for either Richard or Aegir, but Isarnia would not get any emblems at this point.

While I’m at it, may as well ask about Reds too: QoH, Santa, G Kong, or Azlar-C?

Thanks in advance.

If you want a tank, I’d go Richard. There’s a chance you’d get the costume as well.

That said, I have Aegir and Richard and use Aegir more, really only on titans. I don’t have the depth you have. I’m not a fan of Richard, but I think he’s the best if you want a tank.

I do use Isarnia in a stack. I have her costume. I find her useful, but primarily in a stack.

For red, I’d lean towards Kong or Azlar. Maybe I’m an animal freak. :man_shrugging:

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I vote for Isarnia and Guardian Kong.

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I’d go with Aegir to help keep your last war team alive (if that’s what he’ll be used for).

For red 5*s probably G. Kong or Azlar-C. Kong for another red cleanser for late war teams, or Azlar for a heavy damage dealer.

Richard is IMO one of the best vanilla heroes in the game.

He’s incredibly bulky, but still is able to do considerable damage. Really nice as a one-two with Grimm or Athena.

I would go Richard over Aegir. Richard is more versatile (deals considerable damage + attack down to help survival a little bit). Aegir is all about survival and even then, only if you are not fighting dispellers, def+ down heroes or someone like Malosi.

As for reds, probably Kong to help out with the Velas and Finleys, plus you can never have too many cleansers nowadays. I do like QoH and would choose her if you had PiB and/or Freya. I would only care about Azlar if you had the troop /emblems to bring him to 10 tiles.

I’d go for Isarnia and Costume Azlar.

Isarnia’s defense down is slightly better than Grimm’s, which might help you in titan fights. But I’m suggesting this one more because where I am, I don’t yet understand the need for a blue tank. And there’s just something fun about nuking people with Isarnia & then Azlar in a war attack.

It’s a tough call between Costume Azlar and Kong, but that Azlar looks really nice to me.

Richard and costumed Azlar are my votes.

Richard plays nicely with Frida at same mana speed, so is probably better for general use. I use Aegir forTitans all the time, but he is at 3/70, and works ok on 13/14* at that level. I guess that is a vote for Richard then?

I will go Azlar in red. I use non costume Azlar all the time at +7, and I imagine he’d be even better with costume bonus and an undispellable dot

ditto… especially if you have Isarnia’s costume… and level 23 mana troops for G Kong.

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Thanks for all the replies. You’ve all given me a lot to ruminate on. I’ll probably make a last hail mary at Alice and then sift through this again.

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