Has C.rigard put Khiona out of business?

Just got khiona from HA 10

With C rig now providing attk boost in Dark, is there any point in ascending Khiona?

Other maxed darks are seshat x2, clarissa, mok

Tks in advance!

Yes Khiona’s attack buff can be partially replaced by Khiona. Her’s has a higher ceiling though.

What I like most about Khiona is the elemental link healing. It’s better on the fast heroes, but 4% a turn adds up over the course of a fight. Maybe she doesn’t end up making your best team, but she’s still worthwhile.

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I don’t play mono so I’m making sure Khiona’s buff is not overwritten, but even if together in team, c.Rigard is usually charged earlier so it’s the other way aroung - Khiona’s buff overwrite his. She serves me well. If you’re not swimming in strong purple heros she could be a viable option, paired with some strong AoE. In my roster it’s usually Ametrine atm. c.Tiburtus + Khiona + Amterine makes little purple ninja to hit 550-600 dmg to all.

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