Which would be the next purple 5*

I have enough mats for one purple 5*.

These are available: Quintus+costume, Khiona, Obakan, and Grimble.

My fully ascended 5* are
red: BK, Red hood
green: Telluria, Lianna
blue: Magni, Vela
yellow: Onatel
purple: Seshat

JF is one ring away and Joon is two darts away.

I guess many would say Khiona but she is overlapping with BK in offensive buff.

Primary focus is to improve raid offense and aw. For now, I’m satisfied with yellow titan hits.

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Agreed. I’d say Khiona but since you have BK, costumed Quintus would provide more variety. He’s can be quite dangerous with the costume bonus.

Also quntius with a certain level mana troop goes from slow to average (with costume)

If you would consider waiting a bit longer to level up your next purple, I suggest you wait to see if you manage to pull Clarissa this month, or another good purple 5*. The options you have are not very good. Of those choices, Khiona is the best.


Out of all that, Khiona is the best out of what you have to choose from.

I did 30 pulls in this atlantis. Got a GM but not clarissa.
With GM, I’m fine without clarissa.

I’m a limited c2p so probably no more pulls this month.

In terms of class, I need a sorcerer and I have extra emblems. I’m leaning towards Quintus.

Hello there, I am fairly new still, but I was wondering what a C2p means? Thank you in advance.:slight_smile: also, I was wondering if it is very common for new players to constantly draw the same heroes over and over and over again? Thank you

I’m with @ZyzzyxRoad on this one. I would wait. I’d expect to wait for months, but I would wait.

P.S. Congrats on getting such a lineup!

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c2p cash to play
f2p free to play

Yes it is common to draw the same over and over too much to get sick of them, not just for newbies. I drew about 10 Li Xiu from costume events and no Melendor.

Thanks. If two experienced people say so, I will wait. I agree that there is no game changer in my list, it makes sense.

Actually i think c2p means cheap to play - means he spends a little money
F2p means free to play, so no mo ey
P2p means pay to play, big spender


C2P out here usually means cheap to play. You will sometimes see VC2P which is very cheap to play. P2P is of course, pay to play, and there’s a lot of range there.

Everyone has their own opinions on cheap versus very cheap and what the break points are; I know that I’ve shaken my head in disbelief at some of the so-called cheap to play folks who spend a significant chunk of their monthly income on the game. It really does vary for everyone.

I’d wait… if you’re running tc20, sartana would be a nice (free) choice with fast mana. Her costume looks great too.

If you don’t want to wait…
khiona would improve titan scores
Obakan is fast with high-ish attack stats (good-ish option for war)
Quintus would be fun in raid tournaments

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