Red assault team

I’ve got elena costume and i was thinking if leveling her would be more beneficial than g kong and queen of hearts.
My other maxed red are grazul, mitsy,marjana and tyr.

She would improve only titan team and vfast raid tournaments IMO


What is your priority?

Elena [CB]


Events/Quest/ And overall a good hero to raid too

Queen of hearts.

Elena will fight with tyr for emblems, Queen with all the paladins around(if u have tellu) and G.Kong may fit better to you due that you dont have GM to fight for barbarian emblems.

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I would go with G. Kong personally for the cleanse. That’s always useful to have and a rare attribute in red, only other red heroes aside Kong currently who dispel ailments are Zimkitha and Lady Loki.


Yes i think he should be my best best.
How do u rank the three u mentioned?

You mean out of G. Kong, Zimkitha and Lady Loki? Or Elena, G. Kong and QoH? :thinking:

EDIT: ah the three I mentioned. NVM got it.

Personally, I would say Zimkitha > Lady Loki > G. Kong

Close tie between Zim and L. Loki. But I think Zimkitha wins over her just because of fast speed.

The only one out of those three that I have is Lady Loki myself. The reason she ranks higher for me is that she’s sturdier than Kong but average speed does make her harder to charge over Zim.

G. Kong has the highest consistent damage output out of the three (Lady Loki can match it but I don’t think it’s wise to hold her skill and wait for too many ailments either). The reason I rank him lower than those two however, is because he’s also a very squishy 5*.

But mind you, I think all three are very good heroes. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with buffed Kong in Beta. Also, even with those rankings in mind, getting Zimkitha now is going to require a lot of luck from either the Tavern or HA10 (or Atlantis if she’s still scheduled back? I forget).

Since you have G. Kong, I say it’s best to take what you have and play with it.

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Of the three i love lady loki the most.
Waste that i dont have her…maybe next valhalla

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