Which purple hero should I max?

I’ve got a maxed Seshat and Quintus right now. 3 are ready for tabbarads and 2 recently joined ranks. I have 9 fancy shirts.

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Cant go wrong with another seshat in my opinion

I would go:
2nd sesh

Then not touch dom or sartana until more costumes are relased and see what they’re like. If they’re not a ton better or even put them on par with sesh, then it was a waste of feeders to level either.

Grimble… I wouldnt touch until we see if he is really needed, at this point he’s not

Victor is good, but he’s not sesh

Think that’s the end of my thoughts

Oh if u plan on pullin next atlantis, kunch is comin up. I personally would probly still do a 2nd sesh before him but that’s just me, i get by without him due to costumed tiburtus & rigard and still running yellow tanks.

Seshat & kageburado are 2 heroes can never have too many of though in my opinion


Proteus and Victor mandatory.

Mrs.T if you like cool effects.
2nd Sesh if you like it serious.
Goatie if you want to be prepared for a future minion meta.


Now that you mention it, I could do to focus on Proteus. Many challenge events have come since I got him, and I’m always wishing I had him leveled. It might be time. I need to up Sabina too. Time for 4* focus I think.

Thanks, y’all

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