Need help to decide which one to ascend next by colour

need help to decide the next hero by colour to ascend…here is my 5 star rooster:
Purples already maxed: Kageburado and Hel
Blue already maxed: Athena and King Arthur
Yellow already maxed: Leonidas and Guinevere
Green already maxed: Evelyn and Lianna
Red already maxed: Ares and Azlar
Purples to ascend: Sartana at 3/70
Mok Arr at 1/1
Kunchen at 1/1
Blues to ascend: Aegir at 3/43
Ariel at 1/12
Athena at 1/1 (already have one ascended to max)
Yellow to ascend: Joon at 3/70
Onatel at 3/1 ( have other 2 at 1/1)
Justice at 2/60
Greens to ascend: Gregorian at 3/70
Tarlak at 1/11
2xElkanen both at 1/1
Lianna at 1/1 ( already have one maxed)
Horghall at 1/1
Reds to ascend: 3xAzlar all of them at 1/1
2xKhagan both at 1/1
Opinions about the next to ascend by colour??? I almost have the items to ascend another one by colour

Yellow - Onatel
Purple - Sartana
Red - Azlar
Green - Greg
Blue - I haven’t seen much about Ariel yet

I see your autocorrect is also working overtime, but congratulations on your 5* Rooster


What am I missing? Did they correct it? What did it say?

I would ascend

Blue: Ariel- you currently don’t have a 5* healer and she’s awesome!

Green: Tarlak hands down before Greg, especially as you already have Lianna maxed

Purple: Sartana then Kunchen,

Yellow: Joon better utility by far than Onatel

Red: I would wait, I don’t think you need more than 1 Azlar and by the time you max the other 4 above you will likely have a better Red.

Great heros btw! You will have a solid killer roster when those are done!


I found it @JonahTheBard. Now I feel special.


Wow, I don’t know what my personal advice Is hardly worth anymore lol. You’ve been playing alot longer than me judging by the mats, I’m guessing 10 months plus. And an insane “rooster”. Are you sure you arent just bragging? Haha . I’ll let the pros like @JonahTheBard reply.

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