Ascension advice: Fire Heroes 5*

Hi there ! I kind of have a luxury problem with my red heroes. I finally got enough ascension items, for max level, for one of these:

  • Marjana (rogue)
  • Elena (fighter)
  • Yang Mai (monk)
  • Asterius (druid)
    -Tyr (fighter)
    -Azlar (barbarian)

I dont know who to ascent. I dont have fighter emblems left, nor druid or rogue.
I do have some 700 barbarian and 500 monk emblems.

If i look at Anchor’s list I should go for Marjana or Tyr but is it worth waiting for the emblems? I’m using emblems (last 250) fighter for Bertila, others just depleted but can take them from 4 stars druid Ceadmon, melendor and Gullinbursi but would like to use rogue for frosth).

Any help would be appreciated! ^^

Others can give you better advise on these heroes, but don’t strip those 4* heroes from their emblems! They are all good and extremely useful for a long time to come.

Have fun!


The hero that stood out to me is Asterius as his defense down is stackable.

How we I don’t see any mention of current heroes you have so I concluded you may not have any other five star reds. If that’s true I’d be between Tyr and Yang. Tyr can be a one man army that will be nice while you don’t have good heroes to surround him with. Otherwise I’d go Yang for the elemental mana boost to your other reds which probably included Boldtusk as a healer.

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Thanks for your reply and your advice !

I currently got Jean-Francois max lvl (20) and khagan costume max lvl (third talent).

As for 4* I got:
Boldtusk lvl 60 + costume
Gormek lvl 60 + costume
Kelile lvl 29 (second ascension)

and then some max lvl 3*

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I would max those both key heroes 1st.
Boldtusk is long term heroes specially with emblems, healer with revive talent is so valuable, and also can be as titan team as he give +att on all allies.
Gormek is also a another great regular def down, can be used in mono red team and also as a titan team, Gormek costume is also great as in this meta have many minion opponents on raid/war.

After that I would start Tyr as mentioned by @Ruskin505 , a fast semi sniper and self-revive.
Then I would ascend Asterius specially for upgrading Titan Team with his stone defense down.
I do not have Asterius or Tyr, so I just decribe on paper though.


Yang mai for the elemental boost, followed by asterius.
If you want to remove druid emblems from your 4*s, don’t touch gullinbursti’s. He is worth the emblems and needs them


For those who’d like to know, I went with Asterius first (got good heroes surrounding him), then Boldusk (ran out of rings and use him for titan and raid already), then I’ll go for Tyr, then Gormek (probably will run out of rings again) and then Yang Mai.

Thanks for the advise !

Happy Gaming !


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