Not sure what to do after my first proper event summoning

Hi! I’ve been saving up my gems for a while and finally unloaded all of them during the Atlantis event.

Now I’m fairly lost as to who to use for what. Here’s what I ended up with:

It was a bit frustrating to receive two copies each of the same three heroes… and an overabundance of red… and on top of that all of the 4* being more defensive than offensive.

So yeah, any suggestions as to what to do would be pretty good. Mostly for Titans, defense team in wars, and Raids, because I can’t really see where to focus with so many defensive heroes.

You have nice heroes, Wilbur, Buddy, BT, just to name a few. It will take some time to get the mats for them and in the meantime you can bring your tc up to 20 for more heroes (or pull if your budget covers).

Assuming same color feeding, you could consider
Red: Wikbur, BT, Gormek
Green: Buddy, Mel
Blue: Richard, Boril if no other blue shows up
Yellow: Li
Purple: feed purple feeders to someone on the list above until something better shows up

Good luck!


All of these suggestions are great, the only addition I’d make is that Tyrum is worth leveling before you start giving purple feeders to one of the other colors. You need bench depth, and along with Balthazar he’s one of the two best purple 3*.


Add Gill ra to the list of good purple. Only 3* with a cleanse

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Her special is awesome, her speed is not. I have mixed feelings, personally. Do you find she fires fast enough to be useful?

I use her as part of a purple stack for rare tier of events

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