Another good problem to have (Blue 5*)

With the Telescope from the Path of Valor I’ll have five of them meaning that I should get ready for next blue ascension (I can’t remember when next Frostmarch is but sooner or later I’ll get my sixth telescope).

I have already maxed Cobalt+20, Ariel+20, Frida+20, Krampus+19, C.Richard+19, Magni+20, Glenda and Arthur (not to mention Sonya and C.Kiril @ 4.75+20).

In line for next blue ascension I have Raffele, Morel, Alice, Frosth and Fenrir.

I’m inclined to go with Morel but I must admit I’m not 100% sure.

Any suggestion?

Nice blue team there mate! I think morel is totally the best option! He fits in any occasion!

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I’m inclined to say Frosth, not because of his minions which make an excellent pairing with Krampus, but because of his mana generation for ice heroes.

However, I do notice that you already have Ariel, so that is not necessary. So Morel would be the most ideal choice, seeing as you only have C Kiril as your defense down hero (not counting Frida’s element defense down).

Another vote for Morel and yes, Frosth can be an alternative after him.

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Question that guides me : Which of the 3/70 will I use more often in my overall play daily ?

Feel, Morel will strengthen / anchor an ICE Team (mono or 4 ICE + Healer) !

Morel. Fits everywhere:Titans, raids, war, defence etc.

I love Frosth, started using him like a grown-up while he was still levelling. He is reasonably sturdy and can do what he needs to do at 3.70. Morel on the other hand, who I don’t have, does I believe really need to be maxed for full effect. And that effect hurts. (I mistook him for Lepiota in a raid the other day and kind of ignored him until he fired. BIG mistake.)

The others are nice but non-choices compared to these two. If you didn’t have Ariel I could have made a case for Raffaele. Alice has still got what it takes, so if you suddenly get a glut of scopes (don’t we all wish!) she would be worth consideration. Fenrir is more fun than functional really (mine sits at 3.70 and gets an occasional outing at lower level events just because I like him).

TLDR: Do the mushroom. You won’t be sorry.

I vote for Morel

(20 Chars)

Thanks all!

I’ll go with Morel and will line up Frosth next (assuming I won’t get some other 5* in the meantime. Too many new heroes!!!)

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Creo que morel será una buena desicion saludos

Morel then Alice 20 characters

I vote Morel Morel Morel as well.

The answer is simple - Morel :slightly_smiling_face:

I know people aren’t huge fans, but Fenrir has saved me on countless raids. Get an enemy below 50% and take them out, ghost 3 tiles to recharge Fenrir, take the next enemy out, etc… I’ve had a blast with him.
Obviously terrible on defense, but if you need a strong blue hero for offense - it’s gotten me to position 22 ranking.
Of course, just level up whoever you are most excited to play with! It’s a game, you should have fun, so ultimately do what feels right and unique- doesn’t always need to be the “best” hero!

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