Ice ascension 5*

I went from having poor choices in blue to having a good problem. Too many at once. Not really asking who to ascend but your opinion of which of the heroes you like or hate to face and why.

I have Athena-C, Krampus-C, Lord Loki, Master Lepus and Alexandrine maxed. The contenders are, Morel, Skadi, Quintin, Miki, and Pengi all at 3/70. Alasie at 2/40 with costume. I realize Quintin is relatively new and haven’t faced him in raids yet but his special is useful and fun to use.

I was planning on Skadi then Morel showed up and in December Pengi and Alasie C and Miki. I’m using Miki at 3/70 on 7* Titans so he can wait. Athena-C is also in my Titan team but Morel is good everywhere . I love Alasie’s costume mana 20% cut and slowed generation and seems like a great flank. They’re all great and will be working on them as mats come. Have 6 tabards. Biggest need is a heavy hitter. I have Krampus MN-C and Bera to pair with Pengi. Skadi is awesome but situational. As you can see I’m all over the place :laughing:. I play 3-2 and have 17,5,2,1 mana troops in ice. Thanks for posting your thoughts.

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What’s your defense lineup? I’m assuming the blue on your defense is C Krampus? If so, you’re looking for offense… Quintin is a beast. Worth it in my opinion. All your options are excellent and you can’t go wrong, but Quintin is both fun and hits HARD.

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Thanks VQ. I really like him also and noticed that even minion and fiend damage to other enemies also hits his target for 4 turns . My defense is Krampus-C, Frig, Bera, Odin and Elizabeth. All 18-20 emblems. Inverted. Btw I look forward to your tentative schedule every month

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The difficult choice everyone would like to have :slight_smile: Personally I think I would go for Morel, as is hit all and def down for all at fast speed and can be used nicely both on defense and offense with a variety of heroes.

Quintin is also a great choice, he will kill easily any hero (plus you already have Lepus as hard hitter), while Pengi has the advantage that he might hit more than one hero. Whatever decision you take, I don’t think you can go wrong thouh, all those you mentioned are great.

Thanks for your thoughts. I neglected to mention I have more ranger emblems than rogue and very few druid so that’ll be one of the deciding factors in the order of who goes first. Sometimes projections of how good a hero will be depends on so many things and it’s good to hear how others see it, or maybe something I didn’t consider.

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Poll for voting:

  • Morel
  • Skadi
  • Quintin
  • Miki
  • Pengi
  • Alasie + Costume
  • Other/ Wait

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Thanks for the poll Guvnor and to those who participated. I change my mind every day lol. Going wait a bit and decide. Cheers

I don’t think I will vote for this! I have both morel and Skadi maxed and Skadi is LB. They are both amazing in different ways.
Morel is in my raid defence - fast speed, def down and hit all is amazing and keeps my cups around 2650 (my def line up is Morel - LB Toxicandra - LB Elizabeth - Freya - Devana). He is my Next LB project.
I use Skadi all the time. He is in my main offence team (with Morel and Toxi). Works amazingly well against Xmas hero teams (current meta!) and when she fires at the right time, it’s a guaranteed win!
Miki I don’t have but he is just amazing anyway as and as your alliance grows, you will be hitting stronger titans!
On the other hand, you can use pengi combined with MN and krampus and he turns into a killing machine!
Really tough choice! I’m glad I’m not in your shoes :upside_down_face:
You simply can’t go wrong with any of these heroes!

Good luck!

Thanks for your thoughts Luna. Valuable to hear from those who use the heroes daily. I enjoy the analysis, opinions and discussions as much as playing. As I have enough ranger emblems to get to node 17 I’m leaning Morel but all these heroes other than Miki are relatively new so even if it takes 9 months to do 3 more they should still be relevant.
So I’m thinking Morel first then gather more rogue emblems for Quintin and reassess.

Morel then :blush:

Great choice

Great for defence, offence and titans (DD). Great hero

Enjoy :blush: