Which blue should I ascend?

I just have enough scopes to ascend one blue, but I am having difficulty deciding who to ascend. My choices are Morel, Athena, Cathal, and Milena. Any thoughts?

I would go for Milena, v.fast cleanse and massive hit all.

Not sure if because of the new and shiny, but I stopped leveling Morel at 3/50 to focus on Milena. She’s at 4:70ish and I can’t wait

For Defense Morel, for offense Milena.

And congratulation. You got the 2 currently most valuable blue heroes!

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Depends a lot on the rest of your heroes. As @Mortegra mentioned, for defense Morel is much more useful than Milena hands down.

On offense, I would contextualize a bit. If you have a lot of healers and cleansers, but you do not have fast defense down heroes, you should go for Morel. But if you really need a healer and cleanser and have other fast attack Ice heroes, Milena is your choice.

Morel on defense is awesome. She lowers the enemies defense and then your strikers can take them out. I also noticed that a lot of top teams use her.

I’d start Morel because she’s amazing on all counts…offense, defense and titans. Then Milena who may be a better hero, but I think Morel will help your all around game.


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Without knowing your roster…in a vacuum, Morel is better all around. Sure, Milena has that awesome 390% hit all, but it’s slow to charge. Morel is fast and will make everyone else on your team hit harder. If you have a c Magni my opinion MIGHT change…but still Morel is awesome everywhere. Whichever one you don’t do you’ll do next time, so what will help you better now?

Morel first for defense team. Then Milena for overall versatility. Then Athena for titans/events, etc.

As far as maxed heroes, I have Alfeike (20 emblems), Malicna, Ursena, Ureaus (20 emblems), Prof Lindenbrock (10 emblems), Thor, Krampus (10 emblems), Cobalt, Garjammal (20 emblems), Gefjon (20 emblems), Elizabeth (12 emblems), and Black Knight. Raid defense is Garji, Krampus, Elizabeth, Alfeike, and Prof in that order using double set up. War defense is usually MN, Ureaus, Krampus, Gefjon, and Alfeike in that order. Don’t have fast healers. Those are all my maxed heroes. I have some sitting at 3/70 waiting on mats.

In general, except for the two G&G snipers (Garjammal and Gefjon), seems that you don’t have fast heroes.

Since I personally rely a lot on healers and as far as I can see in 5* you only have Prof. L and MN, I’d actually go for Milena for her very fast heal and cleanse. But if your playing style is more offensive oriented (many fast attackers), then Morel might be better suited.

With my raid defense, I win some, I lose some as probably with most defense teams. My raid offense is usually Prof, Garjammal, Elizabeth, Gefjon, and BK depending on the team, but those are my usual just so I have a healer/cleanser, taunter to help protect, two fast snipers and a hit all. Maps I usually take in Prof, Garjammal, Gefjon, Ureaus, and Alfeike because Lord Loki doesn’t usually do well there and those are my strongest heroes. The snipers can do a lot of damage, but do need the health boost at times to stay alive. I was hesitant about putting Garjammal in my defense because she doesn’t always stay alive very well. I put her in the back to help protect her. I don’t have a lot of tanks as far as heroes go.

I also have Alexandrine and Delilah, but they are both average, Heimdall, but he is slow, and Garnet (stuck at 3/70).