Am I a good f2p player?



You look to be above average as far as F2P looks.

The ascension materials is the bottleneck that everyone faces F2P, C2P or P2P.

I would pause the work on 5* heroes now and start leveling the 4* heroes below that I’ve marked in Bold as they’re staples of solid deep teams. Some people like to have a project per color so I would list them as such:

Fire: Grazul (to 3-70), Gormek, Rudolph (although I think you’ve got a little depth in Fire already leveled)
Ice: Richard (since you’ve already ascended him to Tier 4), Grimm
Nature: Melendor, Little John, Muggy
Dark: Seshat (as soon as you can ascend), Proteus, Rigard,
Holy: Pixie


For 7 months that’s pretty good progress imo.

Do you have some 4* troops too? Those will be important eventually. Personally I keep all of the ones I get, even if they’re duplicates


Thank you :heart_eyes:

Only the deepwood elderents


Wow, very nice. :smile_cat: :+1:
Thank you soooo much


No problem.

A lot of people (myself included) fall into the trap of spending resources on leveling 5* characters without building out roster depth (which is important for Alliance Wars, challenge events, tournaments, etc.).

The other benefit of building a deep roster is that you have a variety to play the game with instead of just using the same heroes every time for everything.


You are doing very well, gz :slight_smile:


Doing great! Leave those 5 stars alone until you know you have the 8 + 6 ascention materials to complete them.

Wow, that’s excellent progress in only 7 months, congrats. Strongholds and heroes aside, make sure you are in an alliance that can challenge you and also help you grow. The stronger the titans you can face, the better, as you put yourself in a better position to gain ascension mats.

Your doing great. You joined right about the time Zynga bought out controlling interest in SG and changed it pay for play.

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I’ve been playing 3x as long and you already have more HOTM than me. So yes, you seem to be doing quite well. It took me about 10 months to max my first 5*, but I wouldn’t be in a rush for those.

Work on maxing your Rigard, and Proteus. They are top notch 4*. Other good 4* to max are Sabina and Melendor. Grimm maxed works very well with Richard on attack for me in a blue stack. Grimm first to lower defense, then Richard hits harder. Same goes for combos with Tiburtus or Gormek. The stronger your 4* the better you can do in titans and quests for mats for the 5*, and in wars.


You’re far ahead of were I was after 7 month… with the heroes it’s luck that matters most and you seem to have lots of it. Level Proteus before all else. He’s the most valuable hero you got there. He’ll allow you to defeat rare quests and event bosses, giving you access to guaranteed rare ascension items. I’ve been now playing for 18 month and I have no HOTM. You have three… that is extremely lucky for a f2p… your base is also very advanced. You should focus on your food production and storage next.

By the way, would you mind sharing a pic of your profile page? I’d be curious to compare it with my lvl. 42 profile. It took me almost 10 month to reach lvl.42. You got there in 7… that’s really fast for a f2p!


It is impossible actually and everyone with minimum knowledge in this game knows that, but no one wants to say it. Of course, Scarecrow should do the ugly job :rofl:

@CertainHeredity, it is incorrect to say f2p, when you clearly used VIP. You are c2p… In the first 6 months I was online 18 hours of 24. I don’t know if existed another player as active as I was. Always VIP. Since day 1. Continuously 2 buildings in progress and after 7 months, like you pretend, I also had such base as yours. Good story though… But a c2p story.


You put your finger on it… I also thought she must be using extended VIP at least.

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Could of invited friends to get free VIP no idea how long a free VIP lasts if all has been completed.

Welcome you could level a few 3* as rare quest they needed plus tournament! Mats are available on both to help you.

Neh… total invite VIP lasts 120 days and you need to have 20 invited accounts reach level 10 to get that.

So basically 3 months free if all is completed in the invite thing there is no more?
Building wise makes sense as bought VIP 3 times in 9 months of playing and not near op stats on the buildings

Definitely a good f2p player. You’ve got a good core of heroes.
But I can’t believe Grimm, Proteus and Rigard haven’t see the light yet. They are the core of 4 *.

Keep it up!

I think you underestimate how minimum my knowledge is…

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