Am I a good f2p player?

LOL I was thinking just that myself.

First 7 months I played maybe 1 hour a day - I have no idea what could be accomplished in that time frame.

A true f2p joined in January last year and only in June was able to upgrade SH 20… Let aside the other buildings. I see in OP two camps at 20, storages, mines, advanced buildings… Nice job, but I’m pretty sure had a second builder.

The player I was talking about, many of you know him, here on forum -> Journey for better heroes - A painstakingly long road to TC20 for a F2P

Also, I’d like @JonahTheBard to post in here, if he does remember, how long took it for him to reach those levels in his base…


Thank you kindly for mentioning me and the long winded post I made… I am not as well known, and just another player playing for free and visits the forum very often.

Also, let’s just say it’d have taken longer for me to get to my first TC20 (approximately 6 months, no VIP) had I not had the good advices of veteran players.

I haven’t made much recent update in that post, but will probably get a few updates in with the few (if any) new non-duplicated heroes I was able to get, as long as people still reads the post and find interests in reading my self inflicting play still. Still F2P, still no VIP Pass and battling RNGesus for any variety of heroes (the past Grimforest had me kind of downtrodden, but RNG is going to RNG right?)

Nothing wrong being a F2P, but you just have to be patient for the slow progress and share of disappointments for bad results. The upside is that you might not have as many disappointing spending summons and you have more $$ in your pockets.

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I started Feb '18. I spent nothing until Dec '18. I had one TC20 running by July '18 and two by August. All while playing casually, an hour or so a day. Now I’m up to almost 2 hours a day, maybe 3 on slow weekends.

I also lucked out on some EHT’s and had probably 4-5 5* (including my two HOTM’s) by the time I got TC20 going.

Difficult to say @Scarecrow

I did find the post above, which shows that it took my five months to get s single tc20 with the others around 13 and 11.

And I’m confident that my other auxiliary buildings like houses were considerably less developed as a set.

It also shows that I am on the forum too often.

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I see… But I don’t think you had also the storages (food and iron) maxed, also the mines, also the tower. And a single TC 20… Not to mention several advanced buildings in OP… Only these, with a single builder, takes several months :slight_smile:


Just a thought. Perhaps OP didnt know the term C2P - I only learned about it when I started reading stuff here and on Reddit. I’m not much of a gamer and only knew the terms F2P and P2P. Even P2W was new to me. LOL.

Humm same feeling here, I m also at 7 months mark in and my base is close to the one describe here, my forge is higher but no training camp 20 and house are realy behind, also my watchtower is 17. Still I pursache vip everymonth since june.

My farms and granary are more developped.

So in my understanding the base was developped with vip pass.

The other difference is heroes leveling, I have something like 25 4* maxed, about 20 3* and 5 or 6 5*.

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