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Hello All,

My Alt Account has gained some new heroes and I am having trouble making a decent team comp out of them. I have a lot of healers and utility heroes. Below I posted my Raid defense (Santa tank) and my war defense (Arthur tank, blue tank strategy for alliance) and my roster. Any help will be much appreciated!

Side note: should I reset li xiu +8 to give those blems to Santa?

Could you elaborate more as to what aspect of the game is troubling you atm?. Hard to give you advice if we dont know if you want to improve Pvp, War, Events or Tournaments.

As for your emblem question. As a rule of thumb is never really worth it to invest on your 8th 4* node (if you are not going all the way to +18/or is a Key Event hero like Proteus). The increase is to much for the benefits imho, you are better off taking those emblems into another 4* or focus on 5*. As for moving them over to Santa, you are only getting 3 extra nodes if you reset her and you are not even using him as a Tank for your Wars, so I’ll say to not do it. +8 Xiu will do her job on War and can help on x3 Stacks also. That gives you a lot more benefits than a +3 extra node on your Santa (the extra % on his class ability is neat, but still not worth it atm).

Edit: If Santa was your Go-to tank or a Sniper Hero, then we could have a different argument about the value of those extra 3 nodes.

As stated in the original post and topic title… Looking for extra eyes on the team compositions I currently have to see if anyone else sees something more beneficial to my raid defense or war defense.

Hi @RiskyBiscuit843

I haven’t had time to have a look yet, but can I just say your avatar is one of my favourite memes.

Art history memes for the win.

Aren’t they wonderful! Been my gamer avatar for ages across all platforms!

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