Need advice to choose 1 holy

Friends please help me to pick one holy hero and lvl up fully and the rsn . Thanks.

If you need a yellow to put in defense definitely Li, she can be really annoying [AW too].
For offense Chao is slightly better but not by much, only because he’s faster and that fast mana cut comes earlier and helps you to build some mana on other heroes, but his damage is pretty weak.
Overall i’d say Li Xiu if you need both, attack and defense.
Dont know what other yellow heroes you have maxed apart Wu, but Leonidas is pretty good too if you dont spend money, but if you dont have the ascension materials to take him to the top and other yellow heroes apart Wu you should focus on those 4* heroes first.


What does the rest of your roster look like? How are you fixed for ascension materials? Does your alliance have a particular tank color for wars? And do you have a good tank in that color?

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To these questions I would add, ‘what is your emblem plan?’

For example, I see Justice; do you have a solid home for your Paladin emblems? Because if not, I do think an argument can be made that you should max her and give her emblems. However, if you have a slam dunk Paladin then I wouldn’t max or emblem Justice.


This is my roster , emblems and ascension materials . I need to develop good 5 star heroes team . That’s y I’m asking . If my 2 five stars heroes not good ( holy ) then I’ll wait until to get another legendary holy heroes .

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Ok given only three darts, makes sense to work on a four star first. As you have a max Wu, Li is next best, and a good defense contributor

I have both Leo and Justice, both maxed. I think Leo is better, but Justice is my Diamond tank with emblems and does that job well. Months since I’ve fallen out of diamond.

If you’re looking for a tank, Justice, otherwise Leo is generally better, particularly on titans, but I’d max Li first.

Both of these fives are solid, but if there is a chance you will get a better five like Joon, Guinevere or Poseidon, maybe save the mats for a while. I now regret using my darts on these two as I got lucky and pulled Guinevere recently and have no darts left


Thanks all for ur advices

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