Also have to ask. Who gets the scopes?

In the last month I have gotten Athena, Rumplestiltskin, and Ariel from HA retraining.
Super happy with those pulls, on the downside I already had more blue 5 stars than any other color.

My current roster has all S1 5 stars except Joon, Sartana, and Kadilen. I also have Vela, Clarissa, JF, Glenda, and Onatel.

So of Glenda, Ariel, Rumple, and Athena, who would you ascend? I’m leaning towards Ariel since my only 5 star healer is C. Viv

Wow, congrats…
I would choose in order Ariel (for overall use), then Athena (for Titan specialist), then Rumple for fun.

Edit: maybe Glenda 1st before Rumple.


That’s what I was thinking. Just wanted a second opinion.


Ariel is top notch, I was on same situation a year ago and chose her she’ll easily replace c. vivica. I’m also interested to hear others opinions on this

100 % agree with the order of ascension of @jinbatsu.

Ariel is like an all around hero. Perfect for both offensive and defensive teams.


I would also ascend Ariel first and then Athena. Both are great… you will be happy

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I have both Athena and Ariel maxed, in that particular order. To be fair, I got Athena first and then later on Ariel. They were my first and third maxed ice legemdaries. My second one was Frida.

IMHO, while Ariel is a superb healer by reason that she is average mana and that she cleanses and boosts mana generation, if I were in OP shoes, I’d max first the HOTM. My reasoning is that there is no other hero that deals regular defense debuff to target and nearby up to -65%, except 3* costumed Brienne who debuffs the defense of all enemies. Athena also deals damage and damage-dealing heroes make you win battles quicker and easier, dealing extra damage against red enemies. She is great in all aspects of the game, may it be PVP, PVE, titans, etc.

Besides, there is really no rule that one is required to have a 5* healer. Kiril can serve that function, although he doesn’t cleanse and boosts mana generation, but he buffs attack and defense. Just emblem him to a decent level and he can be as sturdy to serve his functions. 3/70 Ariel is decently usable. I have several 5* healers left at 3/70 in Vivica and Kunchen, but preferred to use Woolerton/Gullinbursti and costumed Rigard/costumed Sabina as healers. That way, I can use those ascension mats to other better legendaries that can serve my playstyle.

But that’s just me.

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You make a solid argument as well.

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Definitely Ariel, then Athena

I’d do Ariel too. A mana boosting healer is priceless.

Ariel, then Athena.

Love my Ariel at +19.

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