Alright, serious question time, guys & gals (Atlantis vs. Valhalla)

I will go with a X10 pull in Atlantis. I hope to get clarissa before Valhalla hits . Why ? Because at least the new epic will released in May id rather keep saving valhalla coins until they arrive.
BAnother thing is that epics are more factible to be obtainable doing pulls then legendaries. Im behind wilbur so i hope he shows next Atlantis. On the other hand ive already got mist the best Epic from Valhalla

I got extremely lucky with my last Valhalla pull. Four 4* and five 3* from a 10-pull. All S3 heroes. The non-S3 hero was Hawkmoon which I didn’t have at the time. Today I try one summon and I got Ei-Dunn again. My pulls seems to be a S3 magnet.

So back to the question. Atlantis is now my goal. I have only Melia which is a great hero in 3* tournament. So any other S2 heroes ware welcome.

Wow, you guys are talking 10 pulls… I’ve only got about 1000 gems saved up right now, so a 10-pull is still out of my price range. I’m hoping to get lucky with a few single pulls. Which, I know, is the equivalent of going into a casino with $5 and hoping to win a jackpot :laughing:

Not at all likely to happen, right? But maybe I could pull a 4*. And Atlantis has a lot of very good 4s.

I’m sure Valhalla has good 4s too, but ever since they removed Atlantis coins from chest loot and replaced them with Valhalla tokens, I figure it might be best to use my gems for Atlantis and just relying on Valhalla coins for Valhalla pulls.

I do not want or need any more season one heroes from any portal. I have four level 20 training camps to serve that purpose.

Even from costume portal? Those girl in stockings is very, very beautiful and wants you) She will be brilliant in your roster)

Okay, yes, exception for costume portal. But that one I can do for free. :wink:

Costume portal 100% gives non-trainable hero to you) I think this is the best portal unless you need specific 3* or 4*)

There are still a few 5* season ones that I need, and even if I get a costume for a hero I already have, that costume will boost their stats. That’s a win/win.

I was skeptical about the costume portal in the beginning, but I like it now.

Plus, it only takes 5 keys for a costume summons. That’s pretty reasonable to me, even if all I get are extra wardrobes for my classic 3*s.

Agree) Even dupes from costume portal are good)

Yes, but you will get like 12 keys in month for free, it is like 2 summons.

If Lianna or Vivica or Joon will be featured and I will have a couple of gems, I will do x10 or even 2x10 (if I will have a gems) for costumes.

Believe me ,.and you may know too at this point. I have seen people who got awesome heroes with only a few pulls . In my alliance the leader got Alasie last Atlantis, two alliance mates respectivelly got Mitsuko and the other Tarlak. Im the odd guy who buy offers and usually get the most obvious outcome (that the odds said in the portal).
So , rejoy and be feithful you can still win the JackPot

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That’s still better than the Tavern of Legends :laughing:

Atlantis will be getting my gems for now. The rest will be paid for with keys, tokens, EHTs and other free sources.

I do know, I have seen it. Some people have all the luck.
Every once in a blue moon, I get lucky too. Just want to make sure I spend my gems effectively and not waste them on a portal that isn’t likely to give me anything I currently need.

I voted for Valhalla: as FTP you’ll be reliant on your 4* line-up. It’s well and good to talk about the old HOTMs in Atlantis, but the truth is you probably won’t be getting them. And while Wilbur and Proteus are great (and I’m a fan of Triton too), the rest of them you can live without. But there are some great 4* in Valhalla and even better ones are on the way. Personally, I’m saving my gems until the next batch of 4* drop in Valhalla. That increases my chances of getting something I want from my limited pulls.

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