Calculation of Alliance Wars Score – what is War Matchmaking based on? Do trophies, Titan score, or alliance score count? [SPOILER: No.]

I wonder how this score is calculated…
Could you make it clear just for our curiosity?
Thanks mates


Do you mean the score on the battlefield or the war score listed in alliance stats?

I mean, the formula to calculate alliance stats (titan scores and war alliance performance).
I have also noticed that sometimes a stronger oponent scores more over a weaker one. It should be the opposite…
The real skill is to win against a stronger oponent!

I have listed what we know about how the war score is calculated below.

Can you tell us in more detail what you mean when you say stronger opponents score more over weaker? This doesn’t pertain to war score, so are you talking about raids?

War Score:

  • The best 30 heroes in hero roster of each Alliance member opted in for war
  • Out of the 30 heroes, the most weight is put on the best five heroes of each Alliance member
  • Player count of the Alliance (also subtracting those who have opted out) - they try to get an even number of players on both sides, but it can vary by up to three members.
  • The troop strength of the best in each element
  • war history (minor impact compared to Hero Power)

see the change log for AW here


So, if i have 5 fully leveled 5* and the rest of my top 30 are 4* and 3*, my score would be close to someone with a 30 fully levelled 5s? No wonder the wars are so uneven. I’m better off not fully levelling my 5s.

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There should not be that much weigth on the top 5. You will still have considerably lower score.


Of course not, a fully lvled 5star hero will have more weight than a fully lvled 4 star hero.

What I wanted to ask is how much is the extra weight that is imposed on the 5 best heroes…

I initially thought that only the 5 best heroes count for the match making. Having this in mind I struggled to lvl up as equally as I could 30 heroes simultaneously! I now have 4 teams at around 2,300 power and 2 lower teams.

When I found out in this forum that the 30 best heroes of each player count, I was shocked! I ended up being the heaviest player in my team having a useless 2,400 defence team which was knocked out 3 times in every single war. At the same time I could only successfully attack 4-5 players of the opponent team (many times not even that since other teammates were attacking the easy targets), basically being useless in wars. And after many wars I realised that whenever we had rushers on the other side (i.e. their defence teams were much better than ours) we were losing. Therefore, having a lot of benched heroes it proves to be useless after all and it adds to the weight with no reason.

Therefore, if a moderator could shed some light on the weight of the 5 best players? It appears that if this weight is not particularly high, then one should try to max 1 team, then a second one etc. Because having a strong 3000 defence team will make it hard for the opponents, even if it means that you will only attack once - at least you will not be an easy target.

I am sad as I spend lots of gems expanding the capacity of my hero roaster for the purpose of lvling up many heroes and I thought that was going to help my team, suddenly I feel the most useless team mate. Shall I start maxing out my best 5? On the other hand it seems unfair that rushers (for example a player being 21 lvl (I am 26!) having only one team of 3000) is more useful than me in wars as he can kill me once while I cannot touch him and at the same time he is 4-5 times lighter than me!! This is not fair in my opinion.

That’s a shame. Sorry to hear that you went to all that effort.

I don’t think the exact weighting has ever been given, and I believe this to allows SG to tweak it as needed to get batter matches and to prevent people from backwards engineering things to manipulate the system to their advantage.

But it doesn’t seem to be a huge additional weight. I actually think it might see better matches with a slightly higher weight.

If they gave out more info regarding how the scores are measured, players would figure out ways to manipulate and abuse the system.

Players can still figure out this info but it would actually take thought and effort now, so at least they would have to earn it

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Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:
So what is your recommendation regarding my situation? Should I try and max my defence team? Or keep upgrading various different heroes?

I’ve always worked on titan heros then used them for my defense team

Rest of your heros can be used for cleanup until you get them further leveled

Titans = 7 days a week

Wars = 2 days a week

You serve the biggest benefit to your team by knockin the crap out of titans which also give you more mats to further do better in wars

Also spreading your resources too thin bottlenecks the crap out of progress

Pick a few(i do 1, sometimes 2 but if you use color feeding method then choose 1 hero of each color so 5)

If you want to show screenshots of your heros or make a list I’d be happy to help

Fresh pot of coffee and no game flags at the moment


What he said.

The most important is to level good heroes and heroes that will improve your Titan hits. Then in the wars you make the best with what you got. It shouldn’t have that much of an influence on your war results in the end.

Get better at chipping away at teams above your TP. You’ve got the roster. And your problem is solved. Every alliance outside the top have members who need to do that.
Top alliances can clear the field multiple times during their wars. The TP of every defence team is relevant. For weak alliances, they can find themselves ignoring the strongest defence teams. So, if a 4000 team and a 3500 team would both be ignored, then the extra strength wasn’t relevant, but contributed to getting a tougher opponent.
Your heroes 31, 32, etc. are not scored. That’s a free lunch!

Here you go! The best 30 are shown in screenshots 2 and 3. The first screenshot are just heroes that I either stopped upgrading or never started upgrading them and I use them rarely in wars just in case I need a particular color for my last attack. Please let me know what you think

I am not sure I understand what chipping away and TP mean - please explain :blush:

In addition, in my personal war experience, whenever we matched with a 4000 opponent (my team only has up to 3500) we lost with a huge difference as this opponent was bringing down our bests and always scored around 400 himself! So I do think there is a difference and this adds to my initial concerns that one should first max his defence team.

Without a solid defense squad, you will be an easy target in wars.

Your training looks very scattered. Which heroes are you currently working on?


As I said before, the reason I upgraded a lot of heroes is because I though only the best 5 count towards the matchmaking for wars. Therefore I wanted to achieve 6 equal teams in order to have minimum weight and been able to wipe out 6 small opponents.

After several wars and having found out that it is not the 5 best but the 30 best with the 5 best only having a small additional weight, my theory turned out to be wrong.

So I guess I should try to max my 4 star heroes, danzaburo, buddy, Grimm and Lixiu?

Oh! It should also be noted that the game hates me by giving me 4 yellow 4star heroes, 2 Danzaburo and 2 Lixiu :frowning:

Yes, though you should work on Li Xiu first to give you a solid tank (center of defense). I always train five heroes ata time, one in each color, to get the 20% experience bonus. In your case, I’d do those three 4*, and in parallel:

  • red: max Hawkmoon then Nashgar
  • purple: max Balthazar

Wars are not the primary activity; work up your core team so that you can complete more stages in the Rare Quests and Class Trials, which are essential in moving your team advancement.



But what is the 20% experience bonus??

Also, it should be noted that Buddy is much more tankier than Lixiu both in terms of defence and health but probably you don’t have it and that’s why you did’t know. :wink:

I do have Buddy, but I honestly haven’t thought about 4* heroes for defense in too long. Yes, he’d be good there. I enjoy playing with Danzaburo, so with Buddy as tank candidate, work on Danzaburo I think.

If you feed matched colors (give blue 1* to blue 3*, for example), you get 20% more experience than feeding across colors. You can see this for yourself. A yellow 1* feeder is worth 150 xp for Grimm but 180 xp for Danzaburo.

Oh yeah I knew that, that is one of the reasons I increased so much my hero roster capacity with gems - to have enough space to collect 10 heroes of one colour and feed them to same colour hero - to also increase the chance of special skill improvement :wink: