Question about war points?

So, each war table value is1502 points, correct?

I have my own tiny alliance, I’m having a bit of a break. My both accounts Aunty Dear and Sirpsa are there, plus one other smaller player so there is three of us.

Last war I first killed all war opponents with one account (three flags, clean kills) and then repeated it with another account. And same with second set of flags.

I expected to see that in the end there would be a tie and they would have same amount of war points, but this happened! How is it possible?

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1st thing to know is that points in this game have hidden decimals

So that’s typically what throws the surface math off

Another thing is if one of the teams increased health of a hero, it’ll be worth more points than they were previously


I believe in decimals. ( uh, not in religious way, but as an answer here, probably).

There wasn’t anything to heal afterwards.


Leveling crit troops and emblems used on health nodes can increase the point value of a given team

So if you hit same teams with 1 account

Then 1 team leveled a crit troop or emblemed up 1 of the heroes

Then that team could be worth more points when the 2nd account hits(and could be a small enough difference to just increase by a decimal amount u cant actually see)

That would be my guess anyways

See if others have other ideas


As @Rigs has eloquently described, decimals and rounding have been noticed in wars before, leading to very small discrepancies.

I don’t think there’s anything more to it :slightly_smiling_face:


As long as you didn’t lose by one point it’s all good!


The odds of that are tiny… And events with tiny odds never happen in e&p :grimacing:


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