Past time to leave my alliance?

I played the game for a few months before joining an alliance and am still in it. I’m now level 63 and hover between 2450 and 2600 trophies. I’m an Elder and never wanted to be leader or co-leader. We only have 9 members, and I like them, one’s at 56, another at 54, the rest (including the leader and co) are further back. I have the means to throw some money at the game (and I’m a retired software developer so I don’t mind rewarding the programmers) but others don’t. We’ve pretty much all been here more than 500 days. We take 5s easily but not 6s.

Obviously I like the people, but I guess it’s time to leave and I really don’t know quite how to tell them. I think I need better loot from higher titans, and maybe just a change of scenery. I’m kinda bored I guess.

Advice welcome. Do I have more of a chance of getting better mats as an average member of a more powerful alliance fighting higher level titans? I’m pretty sure that’s the case. I’ve been waiting for a mysterious tonic for ages.


Why do you only have 9 members? Have you considered expanding the alliance?


Yes, definitely, the odds are better, so loot will be too over time —

…but I think this is an even stronger argument:

It’s a game, it’s for fun.

Being bored is an excellent reason to change things up.


From the sounds of things its time to move on. New alliances, changes of scenery, different titans and different people are ways of stopping the game from getting boring!

As for better loot, it is pretty linked to stronger titans (see this thread: Titan Loot & You - A Data Farming Project! ***PRELIMINARY RESULTS***)

There are heaps of alliances out there, all depending on what you want. From competitive to relaxed. Families to Stand-alones. Religious to Adult only :slight_smile: All depends on what you want.

As for telling them, well most people just leave a small sign-off note in whatever chat-method the alliance is using. Let them know why you’re leaving & to stay in touch (if thats what you want). You never know, some (or all) of them may follow you to the new home!

Shameless self-plug:
If you do leave & are looking for a new alliance, feel free to message me on Line or @ me here on the forum. My family of alliances is the We Are Groot family.
Alliance Recruitment Thread:


It’s always tough leaving an allaince. I have had to only a few times in my 18 month career. You feel a certain loyalty to them but it is just a game, there is always line and other methods to keep in contact with them and stay friendly.
From my personal experience change is a good thing, I am having alot more fun in a full talkative competitive allaince and I am sure you’ll be happy you made the move.


I was in a similar situation and was getting really frustrated after about a year.
I loved all the people etc.

There weren’t any problems with anyone whatsoever but I was growing and others seemed to be stagnant. And because we weren’t progressing through stronger titans ascension mats were few and far in between.

I switched to a new alliance about 300 days ago and I have never looked back.
It’s a very relaxed alliance but stays competitive.

Instead of waiting for ascension items I actually have started to stockpile them somewhat.

Just let them know the truth if you decide to leave and go have some fun.

Good luck from a Happy Pirate!!!


It’s certainly never easy to leave team mates with whom you’ve become close. Just be honest with them. You want to try something different with your game, to challenge yourself.

You will have a great adventure trying out a new alliance(s) and will soon find yourself making new friends and discovering challenges that make the game exciting again.

If you have already decided it’s something you are going to, I’d recommend you have someone change the category of this post to alliance recruitment …

Then let the real games begin :grin:

Good luck and enjoy your game!


Yes, you have a better chance at mats with bigger titans, but 4* mats still rare. But, being bored is a good reason to move.

Check us out if you like… Global Titan Slayers. Usually 10* but doing 9* at the moment with a few people on holidays.

But please, if you leave, tell the alliance and explain… nothing worse than someone just disappearing and leaving people guessing


I think the part about better mat drop rates has been covered :grin:

You say you’re bored. If you’re bored with something you find a way to change the routine OR you’d stop doing it. Unless you want to quit the game, I’d suggest one of these two scenarios:

  1. Post a true recruitment post on the forums, FB group, etc. Get a bunch of offers and take your pick. There’s other great alliances out there with new people to meet. Give your current alliance a heads up and don’t cut ties. You may want to ‘go home’ or just visit some day.

  2. Discuss an alliance merger with your current alliance. If well-thought and managed it can be a good thing. Perhaps take on an alliance with lower end players and you can mentor. Merging doesn’t have to be traumatic. We had several spots open a couple months ago and was approached by a group of 6. We talked thru expectations and ended up merging. I love our new team members!

Now, for the shameless plug :laughing: We Don’t Kneel will have 1 spot open in a couple weeks. We currently have a friendly visitor spending the holidays with us as his alliance have bowed out of wars and titans for that time period. We have not. He will be going back home after the new year and that spot will be available.

I won’t bore you with the alliance details as this was a question about your options. If you’re interested, ask here or on Line. Line ID: Kiann87

Regardless, games should be fun - not boring. Think over the options presented here. Talk to your alliance as you’ve been with them a long time. We have some we’ve been with about the same amount of time. I would be greatly upset to lose them, but if they communicated their feelings I would understand.


Yes, time to move on!

I agree with what the others above have said.

My alliance is The Padawans, and we’re fighting mostly 10* titans. We can’t get past the 11* s just yet, but that’s what we said about the 10*s a few months ago :slightly_smiling_face:. We had a new recruit just join us but also had to say goodbye to a long-time member, so we’re back to 1 empty spot. We’re now definitely drama-free, friendly and supportive, with members in the US, UK and a few other spots around the world.

Go where your heart is! First six months in the game and first alliance left because leader said of 5 * “too hard just leave it and save energy” Like, really?
Left, now have the best alliance, 9*+ in top A or B, and reaping ascension rewards and titan parts. No looking back and good luck.

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Thanks everyone for writing. I don’t spend enough time on the forum.

i think we’re pretty bad at recruitment. We post something in the chat room once in a while but that scrolls by so fast I don’t know how anyone can see it. We haven’t done it here on the forum.

The issue of merging has come up in the past but our leader seems to have had a bad experience with that and wasn’t too keen on the idea. I’ll finish the war chest and probably say so long.


Amazing to find someone at your experience level and inside a small alliance of only 9. Almost always being the best Titan hitter or War performer can be boost to the ego, but also can get tired and burn some one out on the inside.

Sounds like you are ready for a change of scenery. My first alliance I stayed for about 6 months, was made Elder because I seemed more assertive than most. My alliance leader then had a lofty goal, but eventually his time on the game grew less and less (same with our co-leaders), and we were stuck with tons of inactive members and me only able to help accept new applications.

Eventually I took an initiative (I don’t do that often) and asked if any one will be interested in moving to a different alliance of different leadership. I had about 3 to 4 head nods (not sure how many of the silent warriors even read the chat). We struck out on our own, I was made leader (didn’t really wanted the job at first), but I brought up the idea and looks like in addition to the 3 to 4 nodding heads, a few of the guys/gals eventually followed so it was about 10 of us when it was said and done.

The group grew, eventually to full membership plus or minus. I was level 30 something when the alliance stated July of 2018, and now, I am level 61, and have absolutely no problems not being the strongest player on the member list.

Recruitment is a challenging task, and one thing most players here will tell you is to not use the in-game chat, because you’ve already noticed how bad the result is (scroll all the way up to the top in matter of seconds, and then poof, it’s gone). A few of my co-leaders had opted to spam in there a few times, it’s throwing a cup of water against a solid brick wall. Line and Discord can be valuable too. However, I found the way I found most of the core/loyal members of my alliance members now is through my posting here in the forums, and they have read and responded to it.

If you are thinking of joining an established alliance, there are plenty who have posted above that are viable options. Now, if you are thinking of starting a new alliance, different animal, and you’d risk being worse than your current situation (chance of no sign ups, trying to contend with the stronger alliance for new members). But I’d say, that’s only for the time being, as once you put your recruitment post out there, you got a piece of it right here in the forum (I still have my recruitment post somewhere buried in the alliance recruitment section and only refresh it once in a while).

If neither the lone wolf approach nor the start anew are what you are looking for, consider persuading someone, players you enjoy playing this game with, and sharing your same or similar ideals to come with you. Having kindred spirits or someone you have already grown used to can help with the transitioning. It’s a game, sure. But real feelings still applies. (But make sure you establish contact outside the game first before jumping ship, otherwise, awkward trying to come back in).

Best of luck to you.

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Best of luck in your decision making @dgk02 , as I’d agree with everyone who has posted before me, it sounds like you should change alliances, to continue to grow and be challenged by higher titans and in turn harder opponents in war.

No plug about why you should join my alliance yet . I look forward to reading your recruitment ad though :wink:.


Why would they need a recruitment ad?

Shameful plug done.


If you do decide to leave we have a great alliance the leader doesn’t tolerate any kind of drama or bs we all have a great time 4 spots is open the name is Death Team United the leaders name is slykelf

The best source of mats most people seem to say is from titans. Loot tier ix is where it is at.

The harder the titan the more loot tier ix and above gets shared around

If you’d like to you can check out our alliance, The Beacons are Lit!!

But if you recruit you might find it more fulfilling, depending on what you want

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U are eligible to join stronger alliance.
Definitely killing 11 anf 12* most likely rewarding u with better mats loot that in the future will help maxing your long queue 5* roster.
Leave ur current alliance and start moving to bigger pound. Say sorry to them because u need to start new adventure. It will hurt only 1-2 weeks then everything will come to normal again, and u enjoy ur new alliance.

Make sure to dwell in alliance that kill 11 to 12* titan

LEAVE and start fresh. I’m surprised you can last that long in a 10 man alliance.

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