Alliance Merge? Consider the Chicken Shack!

Do you have a smaller (less than 12) experienced alliance and looking to merge (cuz recruiting is the worst!)? Don’t we all wish SG would make recruiting easier? Not happening any time soon though

Come check out the Chicken Shack, many of us have been together almost 3 years. We’re on 11* (and will move up depending on how many you bring!), ffa war, coordinated tanks based on HOTM (tho use dark for vfast and skip yellow cuz yellow just doesn’t tank well). We are an active group and would love to find a merge partner

If you are interested contact me on Line: jop28.

We’re looking for a team of 9 to merge with to get us to full strength. We successfully merged about 6 months ago to get to 24 and it worked out great. We have 3 players are not active so we have 9 slots once we moved them off. Having a full team makes a big difference in the game. I would love to talk more.

We have 18 members, some been together almost 3 years, most all coming up on 2 years. we’re looking for a group of 12 or less so i think your group is too large for a merge

Good luck. It sounds like we’re in similar situations.

Step right up, step right up, we’re still looking for a merger if anyone out there is interested! Contact me on Line app

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